Top 10 Best Celebrity Deathmatch Main Event Matches

Here are by far the best main even matches from Celebrity Deathmatch, the last fight on the card that truly defines the word main event the match to close out the show and leave a a everlasting impact.

The Top Ten

1 Spice Girls vs Hanson

The first main event at the first Deathbowl saw Hansen taking on the Spice Girls the match conclude with the light ceilings crashing down on the ring killing off all of the competitors then the camera pans to Marlon Manson on the catwalk with a chainsaw in hand revealing that he was the one who cut the lights killing off both Hansen and Spice Girls. - egnomac

2 Dave Grohl & Billy Corgan vs Courtney Love

The third appearance of the Dome of Devastation before the match even got started Billy Corgan was distracted as the Dome began to close as he valiantly attempted to get in until his head got wedged in as the dome closed, much to his efforts Corgan's head was smashed open just like a smashing pumpkin despite this the match was still a pretty good one with both Grohl and Love using any musical instrument scatted all over the dome at their disposal the match ended with Grohl dropping a giant piano on her for the win. - egnomac

3 Fred Durst vs James Hetfield

Match was contested with both men wearing armor and the turnbuckles turned into magnets that would randomly turn on and not only pulled the fighters in but a lot of the audience members metal objects as well Hetfield got the victory by sucking up a couple of metal objects and stuffing it int Durst mouth so when the magnets turned on the metal object burst out of Durst's stomach. - egnomac

4 Alfred Hitchcock vs Steven Spielberg

The battle to determine who the greatest director of all time is, at first Spielberg had the upper hand before Hitchcock turned the tables there were plenty of references from their movies including Psycho, Saving Private Ryan, Vertigo at the matches conclusion Spielberg brings in the ark of the covenant of course Hitchcock not foolish enough to open it so Spielberg opens it himself and out pops the three ghosts but instead of going after Hitchcock they turn on Spielberg apparently they have a bone to pick with him and they rip him apart leaving only his skeleton before being sucked back into the ark giving Hitchcock the win. - egnomac

5 Evander Holyfield vs Mike Tyson

An awesome main event that spilled all over the arena and eventually ending up at a construction site. - egnomac

6 Charlton Heston vs Russel Crowe

Match was contested in The Tower of Terror with both men attempting to reach the top while trying to kill one another during the match Nick would press a button on the remote to activate a trap to hinder both competitors, eventually both Heston and Crowe reach the top and fight over the bell ringer to ring the bell and win the fight however the bell ringer falls all the way to bottom Heston then jumps all the way down but not to retrive the bell ringer but to cut down the tower of terror luckily Crowe manged to escape before the tower falls using his arm pit hair to form a rope while Heston gets crushed to death by the fallen tower. - egnomac

7 Ulysses S. Grant vs Robert E. Lee

This was basically a rematch from the Civil War and you can really tell how much effort was put into this match. - egnomac

8 Jeff Gordon vs Dale Earnhardt

Both fighters competed in an actual demolition derby to the death with both men driving in specially designed vehicles as they used everything in their disposal to annihilate each other including throwing ninja stars, razor sharp hubcaps the match ends with Earnhardt launching into the air and flatting Gordon's vehicle in explosive fashion. - egnomac

9 George Clooney vs. Mark Wahlberg

The match began with Clooney and Wahlberg fighting one another only to turn out they were faking the whole time this led to Paul Newman and Robert Redford coming out of the crowd irritated with both men and decide to turn it into a 2 on 2 match event though the fight wan't planned it was still an amazing match. - egnomac

10 Keanu Reeves vs Brad Pitt

The entire match was contested in a virtual reality world similar to The Matrix and of course with Keanu Reevs was the star of The Matrix he had the home filed advantage. - egnomac

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