Top 10 Celebrity Look Alikes

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1 Chloe Grace Moretz / Jackie Evancho

They are all from the same family tree, of course there's gonna be look alikes.

Like Brit Marling's little sister.

Evancho is a lot prettier.

2 Zooey Deschanel / Katy Perry

Zooey looks a lot like Katy from 2008-10, but Katy's looked very different ever since.

3 Billy Bob Thornton / Timothy Olyphant

They look like father and son. Hell no, even a son can not look so like his father.

WOW how can two people that are NOT related look SO much alike

Taylor doesn't look like Billy Bob, but Timothy does

Was just thinking this exact thing

4 Will Ferrell / Chad Smith

I like this comparison.

5 Amy Adams / Isla Fisher

Isla has bigger eyes, literally nothing else is different

They actually do look quite similar.

6 Richard Hammond / David Tennant

When David Tennant appeared on Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson stated that David was "a good looking verion of Richard Hammond".

.. More Richard Hammond is a good looking version of David Tennant

I love David tennant because his role in doctor who but also in the show Grace point. I 💜 U David!
Love your biggest fan

7 James May / Stephen Fry

James May aka Top Gear's Captain Slow / Stephen Fry AKA Mycroft Holmes in Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.

8 Gwyneth Paltrow / Mia Wasikowska

Wasikowska and Blanchett are much more beautiful than Paltrow.

No suprise that Mia Wasikowska has shades of Blanchette and Paltrow given her alluring accent and cute smile.

9 Mila Kunis / Emma Stone

They have the same face, but nothing else looks alike about them

Coincidentally, they're good friends.

There faces look so similar

10 Javier Bardem / Jeffrey Dean Morgan
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11 Henry Cavill / Matt Bomer
12 Daniel Radcliffe / Elijah Wood

A person: Corporate want you to find the difference between Daniel Radcliffe and Elijah Wood
Me: They're the same picture.

This isn't higher?

Is Elijah wood Frodo?

13 Natalie Portman / Keira Knightley

I have always thought this. I use to think the same girl who did Star War, did Pirates. If it wasn’t for the height difference, I would have gone on believing it.

14 Logan Marshall-Green / Tom Hardy

I was going to add this if it wasn't here.

15 Kristofer Hivju / Buddy Murphy
16 Robert Downey Jr. / Johnny Depp

I kinda see the resemblance

Ew! That is too weird!

17 Holliday Grainger / Eleanor Tomlinson
18 Minka Kelly / Leighton Meester
19 Nicole Kidman / Naomi Watts

They are best friends but they don't look a like at all. And certainly not in their height. When you see petite Naomi Watts next to Nicole Kidman it's like Naomi Watts is a child. And Naomi Watts is 100 times more prettier than Nicole Kidman.

20 Amy Adams / Jenna Fischer
21 Zachary Quinto / Eli Roth

They've definitely got their similarities, but Roth is a bit better looking.

22 Tim Tebow / Lee Dewyze
23 Nigella Lawson / Anne Hathaway
24 Dara Ó Briain / Al Murray

Have you seen them both on QI or Mock the Week?

25 Sebastian Stan / Mark Hamill

Sebastian does look like 70s Mark Hamill, but this is photoshopped

Mark should play as Sebastian's father. lol

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