Top 10 Celebrity Names that Look / Sound Similar

Names that look or sound similar and if you are not a massive fan of these people it's easy to confuse their names.

The Top Ten Celebrity Names that Look / Sound Similar

1 Robin Williams, Robbie Williams

I always confuse them - zxm

Woah. - Misfire

I know! The day after Robin Williams died my mum said "Can't believe Robbie Williams is dead! " It took me a few moments to realise her mistake. I'm obviously glad Robbie didn't die too :D - Britgirl

2 LeBron James, James LaBrie

I personally wouldn't confuse them because I am a metal fan and James LaBrie is a very popular name in the metal community (Dream Theater singer). But people who aren't, would easily confuse them. - Metal_Treasure

3 John Petrucci, John Patitucci

John Petrucci - Dream Theater guitarist;
John Patitucci - bassist - Metal_Treasure

4 Ice Cube, Ice-T
5 Adam Devine, Adam Levine

It's just one letter. Lol - Misfire

6 Scott Travis, Travis Scott

Scott Travis - Judas Priest drummer
Travis Scott - American rapper - Metal_Treasure

7 Sheryl Crow, Cheryl Cole

I knew the difference.

8 Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner
9 Emma Watson, Emily Watson

The Ems Watsons! - Misfire

10 Marc Forster, Mark Forster

Just one letter difference, again. Lol - Misfire

The Contenders

11 Ethan Coen, Etan Cohen
12 Bryan Adams, Ryan Adams

Moreover, both are rock musicians - Metal_Treasure

13 Anneke van Giersbergen, Dianne van Giersbergen
14 Khloe Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian
15 Emma Watson, Emma Thompson
16 Colin Firth, Colin Farrell
17 Adam Levine, Avril Lavigne

Nah, not really. - Misfire

18 Leonardo Da Vinci, Leonardo DiCaprio

Yeah like seriously

Not really. - Misfire

19 Bill Cosby, Bing Crosby
20 Jack Lemmon, John Lennon

Kinda, with the last name. - Misfire

21 James May, James Bay
22 Rosario Dawson, Rosie O'Donnell

NO! Just no. Lol. - RobertWisdom

23 Skrillex, Skillet
24 Karen Carpenter, Carol Carpenter
25 Emma Watson, Emma Stone

Nah. Their first names are the same but that's just about it. - Misfire

26 Sean Penn, Sean Connery
27 Bushido, Sido
28 Fard, Farid Bang
29 Vanilla Ice, Vanilla Ninja
30 Drake, Drake Bell
31 Will Ferrell, Colin Farrell
32 Keyshia Cole, Kesha
33 Josh Peck, Gregory Peck
34 Prince, Prince Damien
35 Jamie Lynn Spears, Jamie Lee Curtis
36 Vivien Leigh, Janet Leigh
37 Jamie Lee Curtis, Jamie-Lee Kriewitz
38 Bill Kaulitz, Billy13

Both changed their stage name to Billy. - Martin_Canine

39 John Wayne, John Wayne Gacy
40 Idina Menzel, Indira Weis
41 Madonna, Diego Maradona
42 Sixto Rodriguez, Robert Rodriguez
43 Paul W. S. Anderson, Wes Anderson
44 Paul W.S. Anderson, Paul Thomas Anderson
45 Timbaland, Justin Timberlake
46 Nelly, Nelly Furtado
47 Rihanna, Ciara
48 Curtis Mayfield, Jayne Mansfield
49 Jayne Mansfield, Charles Manson

No...? - Misfire

Um... - RobertWisdom

50 ZZ Top, C.C. Catch
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