Top Ten Celebrity or Fictional Couples

Everyone ships people. Whether they're musicians, actors, sports players, anime characters, cartoon characters, you name it. Who are your favourite celebrity or fictional couples?

The Top Ten

1 Staz and Fuyumi (Blood Lad)

I've shipped them since episode one! A shy, sweet human girl and a bold, brass vampire boy. Awesome! - QueenOfUnsociable123

2 Felix Kjellberg and Marzia Bisognin

The chemistry between them is so heartwarming. - QueenOfUnsociable123


So cute together! <3 love it when they play warioware in there videos. - cutiepiestarlight

3 Dan Howell and Phil Lester

I have mixed feelings on this one. On a more positive note, if they WERE to become a couple, I would fangirl until the end of time (if that makes sense). - QueenOfUnsociable123

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4 James and Chantal Euringer

They are a match made in heaven. - QueenOfUnsociable123

5 Sasori and Sakura (Naruto)

Despite the age gap, I could see this working. - QueenOfUnsociable123

6 Chibi and Rainbow (The Birthday Massacre)

Are they a couple? Are they? Let it be true! - QueenOfUnsociable123

7 Jenna Mourey and Julien Solomita

I'm always roaring my head off when watching these two. - QueenOfUnsociable123

8 Betty and Jughead (Archie Comics)

Heck, even Juggers (the most asexual character in comic book history) admitted that he'd willingly kiss Betty. - QueenOfUnsociable123

9 Taiga and Ryƫji (Toradora!)
10 Dan and Phil

Classic YouTube ship. As long as you don't scream "Phan" in there faces or bug them about it, that's fine. Ship but don't harass them they are two humans.

The Contenders

11 Dean Winchester and Castiel
12 Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling
13 Naruto & Hinata (Naruto) Naruto & Hinata (Naruto)
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1. James and Chantal Euringer
2. Staz and Fuyumi (Blood Lad)
3. Sasori and Sakura (Naruto)
1. Staz and Fuyumi (Blood Lad)
2. Felix Kjellberg and Marzia Bisognin
3. Chibi and Rainbow (The Birthday Massacre)


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