Top Ten Celebrity Parenting Fails

The Top Ten Celebrity Parenting Fails

1 Michael Jackson - Dangles newborn off a balcony

That is sadly (sad and scary). And to think it was from MICHAL JACKSON!

Clear definition of what not to do by harming your child. - Dancedom

2 Courtney Love - Took heroin while pregnant
3 David Hasselhoff - Daughter tapes him eating a cheeseburger while drunk
4 Woody Allen - Cheats on Mia Farrow with her adopted daughter
5 Ryan O'Neal - Unknowingly flirted with Tatum after Farrah Fawcett's funeral
6 Farrah Abraham - Waxes daughter's eyebrows in her sleep

Oh heck naw, Farrah's daughter should move out ASAP!

7 Alec Baldwin - Calls daughter a pig during a voicemail message
8 Britney Spears - Caught having her baby on her lap while driving
9 Charlie Sheen - Fought with a hooker while his kids were sleeping
10 David Cameron - Leaves own child at a pub

The Contenders

11 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West - Named their child North West
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