Top Ten Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, and Mariah Carey Songs.

The Top Ten Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, and Mariah Carey Songs.

1 My Heart Will Go On

Fantastic song... an angel voice

Best song ever heard...Celine Dion...true legend

Best song ever made! Celine Dion is Legendary..

If celine has this, whitney has I will always love you, and mariah has a hero, then why do we need to make this song hits a debate? the all have the best voice... true legend

2 I Will Always Love You

Just great...I love it

3 Emotions

Emotions is the lead single off the album of the same name. This was her fifth number one in a row of her first five singles. This record still stands. In the beginning of her career, most people doubted Mariah's talent claiming she was a, "Studio Artist." However in 1991 Mariah Carey performed Emotions live for MTV, hitting a HIGHER note live than in the studio. If you pop the words in brackets into YouTube, you can hear it for yourself, at 4:26 [Mariah Carey - Emotions (MTV AMA 1991)]. This destroyed the rumors that she couldn't sing live and sent her spiraling into music history (but only because she wanted to of course, NOBODY disobeys the Diva.) This isn't the Song I would have picked to be in this spot, however, Mariah Carey didn't have a song she was defined as such as Whitney and Celine so this is a rather controversial topic (I love them both, but if you ask a stranger on the street for a Whitney/Celine song and I will always love you/My heart will go on - will be ...more

I've asked many people on the street and all of them say that Whitney at her prime had far richer voice than Mariah ever had! - martincito8

4 Greatest Love of All
5 We Belong Together


6 All by Myself
7 I Have Nothing
8 Hero
9 One Sweet Day
10 Because You Loved Me

I like this song

Simply the best of the second three song hits.

The Contenders

11 My All
12 How Will I Know
13 I Wanna Dance With Somebody
14 Butterfly
15 Think Twice

This is one of the best song in the world I think so.

16 Touch My Body

Three amazing singers with many, many great songs.

17 That's the Way It Is

This is one of my favorite. Celine Dion song, it's makes you to be yourself and give passion for life, don't surrender about anything, and believe in love with that's the way it is

18 Fantasy
19 Dreamlover
20 Heartbreaker - Mariah Carey
21 A New Day Has Come
22 The Power of Love

no. 1

If I am asked to choose among two things, 'power' or 'love'? I'll choose the power of love.

23 Loved Me Back to Life
24 It's Hard to Say Goodbye
25 Can't Let Go
26 All the Man That That I Need
27 Saving All My Love for You
28 Where Does My Heart Beat Now
29 It's All Coming Back to Me Now
30 To Love You More
31 I'm Alive
32 Without You
33 Vision of Love
34 I Want to Know What Love Is
35 All I Want for Christmas Is You
36 Always Be My Baby
37 I Surrender
38 Run to You
39 One Moment In Time
40 I'm Your Baby Tonight
41 I Look to You
42 I'm Every Woman
43 It's Not Right But It's Okay
44 Where Do Broken Hearts Go
45 Love Takes Time
46 When You Believe - Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston
47 Honey - Mariah Carey
48 I Don't Wanna Cry - Mariah Carey
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