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1 19th Century England 19th Century England

19th Century Britain was the most technologically advanced and civilised place on Earth, London was seen as the capital of the world and Britons boasted a Navy which ruled the waves and an Empire which the Sun never set. The Industrial Revolution allowed Britain to have a head start over the rest of the world in terms of Industrial produce and development of modern technology. With very few immigrants, an excellent economy and social norms, it was very easy to get a job in 19th Century Britain. New influential medical procedures were beginning to take place at the time which totally transformed health care and allowed Britons to have a much higher life expectancy by the end of the century. - HistoricalGuy

2 17th Century Britain 17th Century Britain
3 18th Century Britain 18th Century Britain

The 18th Century marked the beginning of the Industrial Revolution which originated in Britain. - HistoricalGuy

4 16th Century Britain 16th Century Britain
5 19th Century USA 19th Century USA

This period is mainly known for it's Wild West culture, much of the USA was very rural and uninhabited at this point in time and there were still hundreds of thousands of Native Americans living in the States during this time. The relative lawlessness and wildness of the Wild West could be fun to a certain extent for some. - HistoricalGuy

Just make sure you're white before you go anywhere. - PositronWildhawk

Oh nice, I'd like an adventure. - CharismaticKat

6 2nd Century Rome 2nd Century Rome

The 2nd Century AD is considered to be the height of the Roman Empire's economic prosperity and military might. Rome was almost certainly the most civilised and technologically advanced place to be alive in the 2nd century AD and they were so advanced to the extent that the Roman's architecture wasn't surpassed technologically until the 18th or 19th Century in Britain. - HistoricalGuy

7 1st Century BC England 1st Century BC England

Britain at this stage was already an advanced agricultural powerhouse in Europe, they had sophisticated farming methods which kept the population of Britain at the time at an estimated 1-2 million. Britain wasn't united at this stage, various Iron Age tribes ruled parts of Britain. Britain was still very Pagan at this stage and still allegedly practiced religious sacrifice to their Gods. On a more pleasant side, Britons looked after their natural environment at this point and had discovered geometry and aligned various temples such as Stonehenge in line with the stars, presumably to appease so they could get a better understanding of the heavens and please their Gods. Britain had already discovered Iron at this stage in history and many Britons painted themselves blue with woad. - HistoricalGuy

8 7th Century BC Ancient Greece 7th Century BC Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece during this time gave rise to democracy and deep philosophical thinking, as well as Ancient technologies that we still can't replicate even to this day. - HistoricalGuy

9 11th Century Constantinople 11th Century Constantinople

The Capital of the Eastern Roman Empire, Constantinople is considered to be the most technologically advanced and economically prosperous place in Europe during the Medieval period by many historians. - HistoricalGuy

10 9600 BC City of Jericho 9600 BC City of Jericho

Thought to be the oldest city in the world currently, time travelling back to 9600 because in Jericho would allow you essentially experience the dawn of human civilisation. - HistoricalGuy

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11 1930s Nazi Germany

No - ElSherlock

12 20th Century USA
13 20th Century Britain
14 19th Century France
15 20th Century Australia
16 17th Century Russia
17 19th Century Germany
18 17th Century Italy
19 11th Century Britain
20 16th Century Spain
21 11th Century France
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