Top Ten Cereals with the Most Annoying Commercials

The Top Ten Cereals with the Most Annoying Commercials

Honey Nut Cheerios

The new commercial sucks, Also in it the kids were just scared of their mom being a monster, I know they are pretending to play but still AAGH

Who would win? :
One of the worst commercials ever made
Every single toptenner on this planet

10-2018 I want to kill someone when I hear this commercial. I've only heard it twice and here I am online absolutely infuriated!

I will never buy cheerios again after this commercial abuse

Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Am I the only one who gets disturbed by those? They glorify cannibalism!

Who wants to see the same crappy commercial about high pieces of stale cereal and their fabulous life of cannibalism? - Haumea

Lol, Cinnamon Toast Crunch commercials are about happy little sugar squares that are on crack and are eating their own.

I swear, those 'crunchy little squares' seem to be on crack or something. - NerdyPweeps

Special K

Let's give il doughnuts because our cereal told us too! - Ryan1704

Il was supposed to be up - Ryan1704


Sooner or later all of the silly adult rabbits will band together and kill all kids for trix. - Ryan1704

Trix is like a spin-off of a spin-off of a Chinese spin-off of a good product.


Daddy is there a superhero in my Cheerios! - Ryan1704

Cookie Crisp

Yeah. Because all foxes eat cookies! - Ryan1704

Why the crap is a fox eating cookies? Is it showing that they are good repellent towards sea creatures like foxes? Everyone knows foxes SWIM! NOT WALK on LAAAND!

Fruity / Cocoa Pebbles

Basically every commercial:

"Hello I'm a girl and this is how much I like fruity pebbles! "
"Hello I'm a boy and this is how much I like cocoa pebbles! " - Pieclone

The new ones have gotten even more annoying- I've heard the damn song over and over again! Please be more original, I mean come on ;-;

They always have those pointless arguments over cereal! Does it look like we care about dissing others because they like a different flavor?

This debate between them is sooo stupid! - Ryan1704

Fruit Loops

Loads of toucans fighting fish and crabs for cereal! How amazing - Ryan1704

Apple Jacks

Apples and cinnamon sticks partying and crossing streets! Now we are getting somewhere. - Ryan1704

Remember kids, don't do drugs. - SanicHeghog123

Lucky Charms

These commercials are not only stupid but one of the worst commercials of all time

These commercials irritate me so much. I mean, the kids just want their cereal and the stupid leprechaun guy always snatches it from them and flys away. The kids just want an appetizing bowl of lucky charms. I honestly feel sorry for them. They selfish leprechaun seriously just needs to stop teasing them. I know I'm probably overreacting over these stupid commercials but I mean sheesh!

You'll never get me lucky charms! - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

Chase a leprechaun, why don't ya! - Ryan1704

The Contenders

Reece's Puffs

There just a bunch of wannabe rappers.

Look at me
I can't rap
Reese's Puffs are good
Aw, man I forgot what I was going to say

They keep playing that same old commercial, it's 10 years oldd - MorganChambz

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