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21 Cookie Crisp

Cookie crisp is awesome! Love the cookie flavor as fist crunches and then melts I your mouth! It should totally be at least in the top 10!

This is like if you want to have a cookie for breakfast and want some chocolate milk at the same time. Should be at least in the #10 area

I have never had the chance to try this (lousy Canadian selection). But I sure want to! - BKAllmighty

I mean they're tiny cookies... How can you go wrong with that

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22 Berry Berry Kix V 1 Comment
23 Golden Grahams

Cap'n Crunch is number one? That's bogus. I'm sorry, but Cap'n Crunch is painful to eat. You can't eat those without getting battle scars on the roof of your mouth afterwards. Golden Grahams is by far the best ever. They're sweet, graham-y goodness. Not to mention, totally painless to eat.

Hands down the most scrumptious can't wait to eat breakfast kind of cereal. The way you get a bite that is a blend between crunchy and soft with the perfect amount of honey makes it the most sweet and satisfying cold cereal on the market. I love Golden Graham's!

I think people are missing out on this amazing cereal because of the lack of advertisements compared to the most popular cereals. My most preferred cereal of any day.

Come on people golden grahams have the best taste! I'm not a cereal fan when I'm young but when my friends told me I should try it, I got it from the store, I oppened up the box and I ate it. Because of this I love creal, the crunch of the cereal feels like you're in heaven, it is also like you're eating a graham cracker! The perfect amount of sugar in it, frosted flakes are too sweet for me plus its too crunchy that it hurts my teeth. Golden Grahams are the best cereal ever! If you see it I recommend that you should buy it and try it cause It's THE BEST CEREAL EVER ps the crunch is really amazing!

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24 Frosted Cheerios

Even better than the first time I... ate some... blueberry

These are tasty, should be higher!

I absolutely lovee Frosted Cherrios. This cereal is so underrated!

25 Honeycomb

It's got just the mildest bit of sweetness combined with a melt-in-your-mouth effect... Very good. Although I could never figure out what on earth that mascot was supposed to be... You'd think it would be a bee. - hortenzia89

One of my favorites as a child. Still enjoy it from time to time.

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26 Life

I eat two bowls a day. One at breakfast and one after school. I have gone THREE WHOLE DAYS without it and everyday after school and at breakfast I just don't know what to have.

There's nothing better than Life. It's a cereal and the very existence of living.

I swear, this cereal is extremely underrated, the Cinnamon style of Life is probably the best I've ever had, no joke, just try one bowl, and you know what I'm talking about.


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27 Rice Crispies Treats Cereal

This is the best cereal ever! People if you have never tried it you should! I never knew about this until I saw it in my local store. I tried it and loved it! Please head to your store and pick it up today!

I love how crispy and crunchy it is in your mouth. It also makes the noises it's slogan lives up to when you put milk in it. It also has a good oral texture when it is between crispy and soggy, similar to rice cereals that have the same shape.

Yea I can pretty much guarantee that anyone who didn't vote for this either hasn't tried it or doesn't remember it because it's no longer in stores in a lot of places. Including my hometown

This NEEDS to be higher, the rice crispies just like crunch or have a certain texture that is so great, if you haven't tried it you are missing out on a-lot!

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28 Cocoa Pebbles

It Is best when it is just slightly soggy (still a little bit of a crunch) and the milk is chocolatey.

I was looking for it in the top five and when I didn't find it I was like, dude, this is the beesst by far. My abesolutely favorite

Best ever

Wow so low - Orlemley

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29 Cinnamon Life

Coworkers say this cereal is as old as the pioneers. If true, I'd say they ate well! Close second to Reese's Puffs and barely ahead of Peanut Butter Crunch.

I love this taste little taste of cinnamon every time you have it I love it

So good, it's so sweet and you can fit tons in you mouth - Unknownguy

This cereal is so good and underrated. they also have the best games on the back of the box. better than cinnamon toast crunch

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30 Boo Berry

Boo berry rocks and is the best

Boo Berry is so good it should be at least at #12 or 13. The best Halloween cereal in the world! I just love them!
P.S. Franken Berry and Boo Berry taste awesome mixed.

31 Cap'n Crunch's Crunch Berries

AMAZING cereal but they don't sell it in Canada anymore :( Sometimes I drive across the border to Buffalo to get it.

32 Shreddies

Shreddies with honey.. Oh so yummy

33 Crunchy Nut

Just started eating it this morning, I love it!

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34 Cocoa Krispies

chocolatey and crunhcy. its better then any other chocolate cereals, plus how is raisan bran above this?? ewwww - jaxballer9

M = Chocolate and Cocoa Krispies are fastest way to deliver that flavor! Snap, Crackle and Pop - Plus it ends with chocolate milk.

Best tasting chocolate cereal. Drinking the milk at the end is delicious

It tastes like heaven in my mouth

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35 Oreo O's

I miss these come back let's protest Kraft took them away time to take Kraft away dominate

If they came back I would cry tears of joy. WHY isn't THIS AT THE TOP!? - doctor11

I remember seeing commercials for this when I was younger. When would that have been 2000-2002, maybe? - BKAllmighty

Though it's discounted it's Bomb

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36 Special K 5 Grains

It tastes sweet, and has so many different things in there. If only the box was a little larger I'd buy it all the time! - BKAllmighty

37 Honey Nut Chex

The flavor of Honey Nut Cheerios but in the shape of Chex. What could be better? - Dorito

Looks really cool.

Sweet & delicious

38 Corn Flakes


Yes love it

39 Sugar Puffs

Where is Golden Nuggets? You guys are mentally ill. Do you know how delicious that is?

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40 Coco Puffs

Coco puffs are badass. They can beat anything because they turn white milk into chocolate milk.

Y'all are so high. Have you no childhood... Or taste buds this stuff is the dank how tf is it 34 but trick is 11 all of you are nasty people nobody's tryina have some fruity a** cereal

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