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41 Oh's

Easily the best I don't know what people are thinking try this stuff seriously

Probably would sell better if the box was'nt obviously lighter than other choices on the shelf... but crunch; sugar; and flavor YES. Stuffed cheerios.

This is literally one of the best under-the-radar sweetened cereals...and so inexpensive..taste like lil capn crunch on crack..SO good

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42 Golden Crisp

I was going to vote for Cinnamon Toast Crunch, but then I scrolled down and saw Golden Crisp and remembered how good and addicting it is! I could eat endless bowls of this everyday! (even though my family would get mad after I ate the entire box before they even had any)

Sugar crisp in canada. Delicious yummy sweetness. Crunchy and toasted.

To say cheerios is above this is retarded, golden crisp/honey smacks are the best! Only cereal that comes close is capn crunch

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43 Raisin Bran Crunch Extra

Love love LOVE this cereal way better than the regular raisin bran

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44 Weet-Bix

Yahoo! Go Aussie!
Weet-Bix is the best! (sorry, but Weet-Bix is Autralian only. But Aussie does not have Cap'n Crunch But it sounds Great! ) - sagat2010

Come on Aussie Come on! Come on!

Weet-Bix is New Zealand too
Yum yum

This is the only thing close to what we get in the UK, Weetabix.

It's got a great taste, goes with almost any topping, you can eat it in any form, and it's healthy!

So I can eat it the way I want it.

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45 Maple Brown Sugar Life
46 Kix V 1 Comment
47 Kashi GOLEAN

BEST CEREAL EVER! I love this so much I want to cry milk all day and feed my hamster chocolate.

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48 Chocolate Lucky Charms

This is the best cereal ever with whole grain oats and marshmallow so delicious especially the marshmallows which is awesome. They're magically delicious

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49 Chocolate Chex

This is one of the best cereals I've ever had. Actually I'm eating it right now

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50 Kellogg's Rice Krispies

Really. The true classic, lots of sugar, get them all wet with milk, wait for the snap crackle pop to peak. Just as it peaks, chow down, scraping the bottom of the bowl to pick up sugar. Add banana slices for a wild time.

Like them plain... no sugar! We get enough sugar in our diets. Try with fresh fruit instead.

These are amazing with sugar!

The most versatile of cereals; add in milk, make rice krispie treats, or eat like popcorn!

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51 Rice Krispies

I love the snap, crackle, and Pop and honestly it saddens me to see all these unhealthy cereals In higher on the list like what is going on in people's minds these days

Coco Krispies are better but I like these

52 Corn Pops

Sweet and airy and delicious

Pops... I gotta have mah pops... - MontyPython

53 Chex

I have this at least 4 times a week

54 Cinnabon

Its amazing, tastes like cinnabon, but dose not taste weird like most cereals that come from another food are like, such as waffle cereals. It's the best! Try it.

Cinnabon isn't no. 1because it isn't as popular as captain crunch. If it were, then this cereal would mop the floor with any of them.

This is the best cereal you guys are crazy 51 what it should be number 1

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55 Franken Berry

Infinitely better than lucky charms. The cereal is actually good opposed to lucky charms, and the marshmallows are more satisfying. I used to love lucky charms, but believe me, this uncommon cereal is immeasurably better.

The best. Needs to be all year round

Franken Berry RULES! If you haven't tasted it you should. Because it's the best Halloween cereal EVER!

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56 Special K Forest Berries

It's just so nice!

57 Cinnamon Grahams
58 Special K Oats and Honey V 1 Comment
59 Waffle Crisp

Most underrated cereal on the market probably because it's post! The taste is absolutely glorious and most people haven't had it. It doesn't taste like waffles that much, but the taste is fine anytime of the day!

This IS the best cereal. How is it number 54? It is the best-tasting cereal on Earth!

Hands down the best cereal ever. Would easily be #1 on this list if it were more widely distributed and known. Haven't found it in stores in ages though.

This Should Be #1 The Best I Can Eat Bowls Back To Back

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60 Coco Rocks

Coco rocks should be much higher!

They are amazing, should be top 5

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