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61 Waffle Crisp

Most underrated cereal on the market probably because it's post! The taste is absolutely glorious and most people haven't had it. It doesn't taste like waffles that much, but the taste is fine anytime of the day!

This IS the best cereal. How is it number 54? It is the best-tasting cereal on Earth!

Hands down the best cereal ever. Would easily be #1 on this list if it were more widely distributed and known. Haven't found it in stores in ages though.

This Should Be #1 The Best I Can Eat Bowls Back To Back

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62 Sultana Bran
63 Fortified Oat Flakes

Every time I'm in the cereal aisle I always search for them

Wish they would bring them back

It was my favorite cereal

I miss them too. :-(

64 Cap'n Crunch's Oops! All Berries V 1 Comment
65 Wheaties

Top 5 along with Shredded Wheat, Shreddies, Raisin Bran, Kellog's Special K. Come on America... too much cancer and other health issues... time to smarten up!

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66 French Toast Crunch

I love French Toast Crunch it tastes like really French toast. It has the maple syrup taste. It is a delicious cereal

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67 S'mores Grahams

So good! Whenever I would go on vacation to North Carolina, I would stock up on this cereal because I could never find it at home. I still can't find it and I miss them! - Abbey02

I love this cereal but I can't find them anywhere but the second I get ten boxes and eat it in a week this cereal rocks

They must be talking about Smorz! This cereal is incredible and yes, I finish A box in 1-3 days!

68 Nature Valley - Cinnamon

Start with half a cup of the cereal, then add a layer of broken up pieces of regular crunchy Nature Valley cinnamon granola bars. Then top that with another half cup of the cereal. Pour in a slightly cup of milk and use a spoon to make sure all the ceral is submerged or wet. Let sit for 1 hour. Eat starting with the top half, then finish off with the bottom half and remaining milk. Heavenly. Um, umm, ummm,ummm godd...

69 Nutri-Grain

Come on that's my favourite, it's so tasty! It's not too unhealthy, it's sweet and crunchy, you can eat it wet with milk or dry and you can have it for breakfast and snack. Come on guys, don't forget Nutrigrain.

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70 Kellogg's Smorz V 1 Comment
71 Koala Crisp

Really delicious and crunchy, and it turns the milk to chocolate milk!

72 Quaker Oatmeal Squares

The cinnamon kind are the best. I don't know why it is now harder to find than the other.

73 Golden Nuggets V 2 Comments
74 Frosted Toast Crunch

It tastes better then cinnamon toast crunch with its wonderful frost

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75 Nesquik Cereal

Good cereal, I love it so so much!

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76 Fluffs
77 Blueberry Morning

I love it. It's tough to find out on the shelves but the crunch, the bite and the nutrition was all there ever needs to be in a cereal. This is perfection in my mouth. I'd marry it if I could.

I eat it day and night.. amazing

So good...

78 Spider-Man Cereal
79 Grape Nuts

The Flakes were good but these are gross. Its like eating nails for breakfast without any milk.

Good and crunchy. I put blueberries and honey on mine and pop it in the microwave.

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80 Cinnamon Chex

These are also awesome as a snack at night. And better for you too!

This should be top 1. like, this cereal tastes good AND it's gluten free! I am personally celiac. so although the top 2 taste great they have gluten. I can't have them anymore.

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