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101 Tresor V 1 Comment
102 Kellogg's Corn Flakes

I love corn flakes can't believe it's number 66 what's wrong with the world

Wow. The original and possibly greatest cereal of all time is in last place. - Ross115

try it with milk, honey and bananas. it's great - BigBoss

I love Corn Flakes.

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103 Milo
104 Special K

It's so good with the delicious berries and crunchy flakes. Oh its heaven

I like the plain original ones with my own fresh fruit on top.

Why are these things last? They are the bomb!

#104!?!? Wow that is so wrong. so wrong. I've been eating SK my whole life! Corn Flakes mixed with sweet, candy-tasting strawberries. Best of all it's not bad for you and full of sugar like most cereal! Come on guys! Vote for Special K! - TwJaGd

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105 Shredded Wheat

Good fiber and very filling.

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106 Alpen Raspberry and Apple
107 YogActive Junior - Choco Hazelnut Pillows
108 Mini Max
109 Buzz Blasts

Best cereal ever hands down

110 Hunny B's
111 Ready Brek
112 Sultana Bran Buds
113 Sugar Crisp
114 Quisp

Really old cereal, can only be special ordered now, it's very good!

115 Vanilla and Almond Special K
116 Curiously Cinnamon

This stuff tastes amazing! How is it so low!?

117 Chocolate Toast Crunch
118 Chocolate Frosted Flakes
119 Fruit Swirls
120 Kaboom!

I miss this delicious marshmallowed cereal. Bring back the clown, I say.

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