Top 10 CGI Disney Movies

These are the movies produced by any of the Disney Animation studios. Whether it's Pixar or Walt Disney Animation Studios, these computer-animated movies have won over so many across the globe.

The Top Ten CGI Disney Movies

1 Inside Out
2 Toy Story
3 Finding Nemo
4 Up

Probably my favorite Pixar movie it tingles your emotion in many ways,the story is sad beautiful and kinda amazing, for a 2010 era Pixar movie the CGI is amazing just like Wall E and toy story but up to me felt like the best CGI it could tie with wall e but only because of small explosions and a fire extinguisher, up animated millions of balloons, clouds moving,and a huge pack of talking dogs. One last thing that makes up unique is the style the characters don't look real, but at the same time it feels so right and fitting

5 Toy Story 3
6 The Incredibles
7 Zootopia

This movie was powerful, deep, had complex character, a good moral. It has everything! - DisneyQueen

8 Cars
9 Monsters, Inc.
10 Big Hero 6

The Contenders

11 Frozen
12 Monsters University
13 Wreck-It Ralph
14 Tangled
15 Finding Dory
16 Moana
17 Avengers: Infinity War
18 Wall-E
19 Toy Story 2
20 Ratatouille
21 A Bug's Life
22 Bolt
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