Ranked!: Episode 11- Chainsmokers EDM Hits

ProPanda My thoughts on the album changed drastically, so why not just rank all their songs? These are the songs they got on Hot EDM Songs (Billboard) plus Good Intentions cause why not?

Here goes nothing!

25. Bloodstream (0/5)
So, emo Chainsmokers huh? This is honestly some of the cringiest songs to come out since Simple Plan’s album last year. Seriously, who can relate to this? Who enjoys this? This song is just so poorly is written and structured it’s literally triggering. This could’ve been a good song, if you had given it more charisma, a better beat, and lyrics that don’t sound like an edgy 12-year-old, but nope, that’s how it had to be. But what goes over the top and makes this one of the worst songs of the year, maybe even the decade or yes, all time? The fact that it sounds just like Closer. This isn’t some vague comparison, or some melody switch up. This is literally just using Closer as a template and changing some of the parts to make it somewhat different. Same key, same rhythm, same i-i-i-i-I, and a more sustained drop. That’s it. As you’ll see later on, I like these guys quite a fair bit, but this is not the way to go.

24. My Type ft. Emily Warren (0/5)
Why is she singing like this? This doesn’t sound sexy at all! The production is way too loud and blocks out any enjoyment, and the drop is the most lazy thing on the planet.

23. #seflie (0/5)
This is a joke. But the real question is… is the joke funny?

22. Closer (0/5)
Can I just copypaste Todd’s review of this? Well, minus all the positive things he said.

21. Setting Fires (1/5)
Some of the breakdowns are decent, but that drop is the worst.

20. Let You Go (1.5/5)
Vocals are the most annoying thing to ever hit the planet. Rest is alright tho.

19. The One (2/5)
I’d go on about this for the billionth time but…
Exhibit A: From the Memories Do Not Open Review
This could and should have been a lot better. The piano sets a nice atmosphere, and Taggart fits that mood really well. However, it falls apart after the first verse. Andrew starts to get really edgy and the lyrics slowly get more cringey as we go along. And then, they decide to insert a random breakdown in there… for whatever reason. Why did they do that? Why? Why?
Exhibit B: From the EDM RANKED
This one is confusing. On one side, I like Drew’s sincere vocals, and the backing piano is really nice. I also like the backing vocals a lot. However, the lyrics… they are really bad. I appreciate the story, but the way Drew tries to sound so gangster on the 2 nd verse tells you exactly what kind of appeal their looking for. Also, there’s a random breakdown halfway through the song for no reason. Seriously what was the purpose of that?
Couldn’t have said it better. Good job me. *sees rest of my old content* Ugh.

18. Until You Were Gone (3/5)
The melody to this is really nice. It takes a lot of really classic note patterns and effortlessly brings them together. The production is beyond fantastic though. The quiet springtime vibes, the synths, that robotic buildup, combining deep house with pop roots on the drop, it’s great. Tritional really killed their parts, as did The Chainsmokers. Hell, even the lyrics, they’re not terrible! They show some genuine sincerity, and trying to hide desperation. Unfortunately, this chick can’t sing. Goddammit…

17. Don’t Say (3.5/5)
Oh wait, she can sing! Who knew? Anyway, this is the quintessential Chainsmokers song. Nice melody, catchy vibes, features their most frequent collaborator, is standard pop, and is missing little things that can potentially give it greatness, and has the most douchebaggy lyrics of all time. What you think of The Chainsmokers is determined on your opinion of this song. So, yeah 7/10 works.

16. Kanye (3.5/5)
Who wouldn’t wanna be like Kanye?

15. Break Up Every Night (4/5)
Shut up, it grew on me.

14. Inside Out (4/5)
This is borderline perfect, a song about telling a guy/girl to put all his/her insecurities aside, because this woman will love them no matter what. This is honestly really nice, and has a great vibe. I can see myself jamming out to this on an airplane. That is, of course, if not for the final drop. God, that is cringeworthy.

13. Honest (4/5)
There’s this noise on the chorus that really bugs me. Other than that, I can get behind this. Drew sounds good, lyrics are well, honest to Drew’s personality, and it sounds nice. But the noise, it’s not good. Why was this a single though? Of all the songs on the album, this is one of my last choices for a possible hit…

12. It Won’t Kill Ya (4/5)
And while we’re at it…

11. Don’t Let Me Down (4/5)
Well this one’s a shrinker. Guess what guys? I finally saw the light! This drop sucks! And you can tie this with the aforementioned “It Won’t Kill Ya”, since they’re practically the same song.

10. Roses (4/5)
Her voice on the drop is annoying. Rest is fine.

9. Young (4.5/5)
My thoughts really haven’t changed on this one either. I found the story somewhat appealing, and the atmosphere is nice. Drew’s never sounded this good either.

8. Wake Up Alone (4.5/5)
This grew on me. Even when strained this much, Jhene sounds really nice, a nd the lyrics are passable. Still… that drop. I sound like a broken record at this point.

7. Something Just Like This (4.5/5)
Ok, so it’s drop sounds a bit like Roses. It’s more of a resemblance, than actually ripping yourself off. So what if they used the same synth tone, and put it in the same key? That’s like saying it’s bad to play similar chords on the same guitar in two songs. It’s not. If having songs that sound the same was a bad thing, than many legends would not have that title. What matters, is that they’re different drops! Even if it sounds a bit like another Coldplay song, there’s not much similarity. No, what really keeps this from a 5/5 in my book are the dumb superhero references. If those weren’t there, this could’ve made my top 3.

6. Waterbed (4.5/5)
Good vibes, weird chorus. I like it.

5. Last Day Alive (5/5)
Still amazing.

4. Good Intentions (5/5)
Chainsmokers make solid pop-rock sounding tunes as well!

3. Paris (5/5)
Wait till December.

2. All We Know (5/5)
Magnificent. I realized, this sounds nothing like Closer, so I can appreciate it’s true awesomeness once and for all.

1. New York City (5/5)
How many times do I have to explain? This is amazing!

Score: 82.5/125

Even if The Chainsmokers are the laughingstock of the industry now, for me, they’re a solid band. Don’t kill me.


Lemme be honest:
Closer is decent.
I also like Just Like This, which isn't on here, but most hate it so that's also unpopular - Martinglez

It's here though... - ProPanda

Oh yeah Lol, I call it "Just Like This" so I thought it was another song lol - Martinglez

Closer is the best - Ub8

I don't understand why people don't like amazing closer - visitor

Oh wow Honest might actually be a hit. I guess I was wrong. - ProPanda

Good post, but what does Corey Taylor think? - Skullkid755

Nice list! I am glad you changed your mind about most of their music. I don't like these guys at all. Yet they have made some good songs. I am making a list soon, feel free to check it out! - KRX