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21 Good Intentions
22 Last Forever
23 Young

Great song with an absolutely fantastic music video. The drop and final shots give me goosebumps evertyime I see the video.

Ma bae

24 Let You Go

So catchy! Even better remixes!

25 My Type
26 The One

Love the beat after the verses and the lyrics

27 Erase
28 Bloodstream

A very touching song that starts off sad but picks up to be more upbeat.

This song is so emotional with a great piano beat

This song is incredible

29 Honest

I have a few favorites but my vote goes to this. Honest is really great, and it shows the side of The Chainsmokers we don't see as often. Everything about this song is awesome. Definitely one of the most underrated Chainsmokers songs.

30 Break Up Every Night Break Up Every Night

It's good

31 Don't Say

This song is awesome!

32 It Won't Kill Ya

This honestly should be its own single. It combines the vocals of closer and the beat of don't let me down. It is all that is good about the chainsmokers, and is their most underratedsong to date.

33 Polkadots
34 Goodness Gracious (Chainsmokers Remix)
35 Girlfriend
36 Last Day Alive
37 Habits

The Remix is good

38 Push
39 The Rookie
40 Overload
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