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1 Acid Rain

Introspective soulful from an intelligent young man.

Chance reflects on life and vents on how life is now, friends, the past, and just overall real life. - Jzuzu13

2 Cocoa Butter Kisses

As a teenagers you will instantly relate to this song!

This is the best song chance has ever made

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3 Favorite Song

I love that song along with chance the rapper

The song embodies the summery feeling, and puts an indescribable feeling into words.

Favorite song is my favorite song!

Childish Gambino is the reason I love this song - Ajkloth

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4 Chain Smoker V 2 Comments
5 Juice

How is this not number 1? I danced all night to this song

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6 Angels Angels V 1 Comment
7 Nana
8 Good A** Intro

This song is amazing. Great beat to it should be top 5

Can't believe this one isn't on the list smh.
Have you guys even listened to Acid Rap in its entirety?

F'int gold

9 No Problems

So hype and relates to real life.

10 Nostalgia V 1 Comment

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11 Sunday Candy

Literally so beautiful

Best Song. Period.

This is the song that made me fall in love with this ledgend

12 Pusha Man

The hidden track Paranoia is the chillest, lucidest, trippiest song I've ever heard. Supposedly the 10 second pause between pusha man and paranoia is crazy when tripping

13 Lost

Never heard a better song

Should be on top 5

Honestly second best song by him and noname

So good

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14 Same Drugs

Brilliant wordplay. Soulful music and speaks to the mind

Why is this not higher up?!

It's about growing up.

Best Song

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15 Interlude

This song is the most beautiful piece of art I have ever heard.

16 Smoke Again

This song is too dope. Some of his best work

17 Paranoia

Everything about this is 'mazin'.

18 Brain Cells
19 Prom Night

Best Chance song. Puts you in the best mood

Just listen

just yes.

20 Blessings
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1. Good A** Intro
2. Smoke Again
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1. Acid Rain
2. Chain Smoker
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