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21 All We Got

Don't think it his best ever but it in my top 5 personally and should no question be top 10 on this list.

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22 Brain Cells
23 I'm the One
24 Juke Jam
25 Ultralight Beam

Best verse of 2016 from Chance in this song. Soulful, lyrical, and inspirational. - contributor

26 Interlude (That's Love)
27 Summer Friends
28 Smoke Break (Ft. Future)

Really good, chill song. Chance and Future both bring their A game on this one. It's definitely number 1.

Excellent instrumental, 3 great verses from chance and future, catchy hook, as a whole a masterpiece

29 No Problem - Chance the Rapper

It has a catchy tune and is all about wanting to do your own thing.

30 Finish Line / Drown
31 Somewhere, Nowhere, USA

An early Chance song, Chance talks about struggling to find your own, death, and drugs in a soulful song that touches all the bases. Under appreciated classic. - contributor

Wow totally forgot about this song. So glad to see it on this list.

32 Mixtape
33 Family
34 F*** You Tahm Bout

You won't get a lot of the references unless you go to public school in Chicago but on this song Chance goes hard

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35 How Great

Love the beat should be much higher than #34 and 0.2%

36 14,400 Minutes
37 Hey Ma

This song is super catchy and I love it.

38 Home Studio
39 Wonderful Day

"this song is so dope it has Arthur's theme song in it you guys should listen to it."

40 Long Time
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