Changes America Should Make

There are lots of things we love about the US, but there is a lot to be fixed.
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1 Stop Illegal Immigration

Rid nation of all republicans! The nation and world would be a safer better place as per actions not words. Republicans are all terrorists egotistical masochistic sadistic bigots racists fascists war mongers hateful as per actions not words.

The USA currently allows over 1,000,000 LEGAL immigrants per year, which is more than generous. The UK allows 400K, Spain 300K, Germany 200K.
The world is simply too large, and there are far too many people who want to come here for the US to even remotely handle them all.

What about the Mayflower? When the first people from Europe went to a new country where Native Americans lived. Don't you celebrate a holiday in November called Thanksgiving, eating a dinner similar to Christmas, watch a parade, sports.

There are way too many people coming into the country. Just because their own countries are too violent or poor for their own happiness doesn't mean the United States should take them in and cradle them.

2 Get Rid of the Debt

Get rid of a debt is for politicians taxing more the people of their own country, making everything that we really need more expensive etc... As long as they don't have to give money of their own fat pockets, that's what politicians do.

Give the money back to the people and enterprises. They do a better job with it than the government.

They are heavily in debt of China. Solve these to get rid of the tension, which bugs me.

Or at least stop creating more debt. Yes, I am looking at you, democrats.

3 Expose the Lies

Finally something we can all agree on, however it is ridiculous to pin dishonesty solely on one party. They all spin, massage the truth, or outright lie. One study noted 935 false statements publically made by Bush and his top aids about Iraq in the 2 years following 9/11.

The ONLY way republican'ts win is by lying cheating stealing. See 2000 election, 2004 election, 2016 election. 2018 election all working with the terrorist Israelis and Russians and terrorist Saudis and dictatorship Chinese. The only good republican is a dead one!

Since the Media is dominated by democrats, all we here are positive things about how it's going. Their should be more republicans so the lies of the democrats are exposed.

When Bush said "I recognise similarities between Iraq and Vietnam", what he meant was "I think they're the same country".

4 Concentrate On Economy Instead of Wars

Exactly! Stop getting us into unnecessary wars and focus on the economy and the environment!

War is economy. Why do you think America go to war?

5 Export More Than Import

That's stupid economy thinking. If you export too much you will get more productivity in your own country which will raises the prices of your own products. Also, you think that all countries outside the US will agree to import US products? Why should they lower down their own productivity? Why should they give less work to their own people and more work to the people of the US? Import-export should always maintain a certain equality to maintain a product / price similarity with other export countries. More export will give more work in the US, give higher prices and therefore less buying-power for the working class. The reasoning for more export will only benefit for the big industry bosses to get richer.

Do you know how much our economy would benefit from not buying things from China?

This is stupid

6 Teach Religion In Schools

So you don't have R.E. in American schools. Religious Education.
It's not just Christianity its global religions.
Nowadays they could end Atheist teens from doing subject if it irritates them and just let people who like learning global religions take the subject. Just write some paper work title it either "I hate religion" "I like learning global religion/my religion is" Sorted. The angry atheists can do something else.
I'm not religious but religion doesn't irritate me like most of the internet.

Perhaps less likely to commit traditional crimes, but more likely to commit horrendous atrocities in the name of their faith. More likely to subjugate. More likely to repress.

Christianity had its chance at ruling the people. We call it the Dark Ages.

Not. At. All. No way. Religion is a belief, which you can't teach in schools. That's why atheists like myself are glad that religion isn't in schools, a place where "God" doesn't have a place.

Yes. Look at what has happened since they have taken religion out of school. A lot of kids grow up to do bad things because they think no one loves them. If religion is taght in school, the know that God loves them.

7 Get Rid of Donald Trump

He's the worst and is spreading COVID because of his bad actions and choices. Looking forward to November. Hope he doesn't run again. Please, everyone, if you're smart, don't vote for him. Not one of his choices were good nor wise.

He's terible everyone in school thinks he's terible they would say the worst musicle insterment is donald trumpet! and he's does not respect no one not even the millitery!

8 Reduce Pollution

Why did the United States elected a clown then ( yes, I'm talking about Donald Trump ) that doesn't believe in global warming and therefor in reducing pollution? Changes America should make? But it seems that a majority of Americans don't care about reducing pollution. " Don't care " or maybe they are just plain and simple " stupid ".

USA has far less factories than China and still manages to pollute the second most!

No, republicans, climate change isn't "liberal propaganda". It's SCIENCE.

9 Improve the Quality of Education

The education system has failed me so much growing up. Even though we learned about the Civil Rights Movement for so long, I had no idea who Malcolm X was until 7th grade and didn't learn even a little about him until 8th. To this day, the only things I know about the world wars are the things I have researched MYSELF.

We should change our education system completely, it has proven so many times what our schools are doing to kids, let us be honest what did school do for you good and bad? How could it have changed for us?

10 Impeach Obama and Those Like Him

He has violated the constitution over 200 times, which is more than any other president in history. He has also broken his oath to protect the constitution. Not only this, but he has brought about more debt than all of the past presidents combined. Obama created a program, Obamacare, which could turn out to be the worst and most devastating government program of all time. Also, he is allowing tons of immigrants, even illegal ones, to disperse throughout the country. This will just create more Democrats who will vote for more presidents like Obama. We better pray for God to bless us, because we've got a deep hole to dig out of, and almost no time left to do it.

Based on your understanding of the other topics on this list, you being against Obama is evidence enough that America made the right choice in 2012.

Yes. He has done poor decisions and has done enough damage!

I'm not even going to start on how bad Obama is.

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11 Stop Taxing the Rich & Benefiting the Poor

If you do that you will get very soon 80% poor people. What is the economic benefit if only 20% of the population are able to buy? I think it's also really unhuman to do something like that. Not everybody has the chance to make expensive studies or go to expensive shools and universities. Everybody is making and needed to make a contribution in this world. Even a waitress ( and believe me, they work very hard ) is needed in a society. Who will give the coffee at the 20% financial Lucky ones? Respect of humans is more important than money! Never forget that!

It's hard to believe you're a Christian if you think that everyone should just fend for themselves. Proverbs 17:5 Whoever mocks the poor insults his Maker; He who is glad at calamity will not go unpunished.

Honestly, do you not have compassion? It doesn't matter what situation that person is in, a druggie, homeless, jobless, a dropout. They deserve a chance. Everyone deserves a chance.

Taxing the upper classes so that there is money for the poor only creates MORE poor people. It makes the middle class poorer. That's why America no longer has the richest middle class among countries. Because of Democrats who vote and crap to 'help the poor'. Even If they are poor, they should be made to live on their own and fend for themselves just like everyone else.

Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a life

12 Get Rid of Money in Politics
13 Increase Death Penalty Killings

Change the way the prison systems are set up by design. They need more educated people to teach them how to learn to live in there but most importantly how to live rightful as they return to society by adding teachers,counselors and psychologist to study the belief an childhood background to understand how they operate to be able to make positive progress when released so they won't have that institutionalized mind set when they get them to find where they could go to live or jobs lined up an,most important active in church while in prison and bible studies and getting them ready for a,good church to attend before getting out...some ideas, but make it,more like a learning and rearranging the way they use to think will make a big impact on not having them reincarnated again..

Not only does it cost more money in the United States to put criminals to death, but statistics have clearly shown the death penalty is completely ineffective as a deterrent to crime. States that still use the death penalty have no less crime than states that don't. What's more, there is a very good chance at least one innocent person has been put to death which is more than enough justification to abandon a practice that already doesn't work.

The death penalty does not really save people money. It actually costs more than life imprisonment because it is a long, complex process requiring the defendant to go through multiple trials.

Can't agree with that. It's banned in my country for a reason.

14 Practice True Separation of Church and State

Remember that old document people like to wave around when talking about their God given right to bear arms (but conveniently forget the mumbo jumbo about a militia)? Yeah, that one also has a little something to say about your God, mainly that he has no business in government.

And as such, religion should stay out of schools including the teaching of a ludicrous creation "theory" (in quotes to distinguish from the scientific definition of the word theory as in the Theory of Evolution). Religion should also stay out of our laws. Banning gay marriage because of what it says in the Bible is unconstitutional and the courts are finally warming to that. Hopefully death with dignity will be not too far off and we can abandon the feudal banning of the practice because you won't get into heaven.

On a different note, the irony of this list is that every item added by the original poster illustrates how they are what is wrong with America. It embarrasses me that people around the ...more

This I agree with! This has recently been put to practice when the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage! This is starting to happen!

15 Allow Gay Marriage

I'm Christian and I believe that gays should be allowed to marry. Although the Bible says that being gay is wrong, people need to remember that the Bible was written by human authors. I know that the Bible's authors were inspired by God, but it does not change the fact that these authors are imperfect and prone to sin. No human being is perfect, not even the ones who are inspired by God. Also, the last time I checked, humans sin because they abuse their freedom to choose what is best for them. It is impossible for people to choose the gender to which they attracted to, so homosexuality is not sinful. How many people actually choose to become straight? Besides, I have heard of gay couples who are much more faithful to their spouses than many straight couples.

I think they have the right to marry. It doesn't harm anyone, and that's one of the things I don't agree with that is from the Bible.

Thankfully, they now allow it in all 50 states

It is allowed now.

16 Enforcing Gun and Weapon Laws

Yeah, this makes a lot of sense. Let's take away everyone's guns so criminals won't be afraid to rob houses, as they'll know no one can defend themselves. And taking away guns will so decrease violence. I mean, it's not like criminals will just start getting their guns illegally.

Japan: very strict gun laws, very low murder rates
USA: lenient gun laws, a high murder rate

17 Reduce Poverty
18 Improve the Quality of Music

I'm really tired of saying this every time I see an item like this, but this is subjective.

Realise that its your opinion.

Yeah, way overdue.

19 Get Rid of Both Democrats and Republicans

I freaking hate divisions between Republicans and Democrats. It is ripping our nation apart. If another civil war happens, I know it will be Democrats vs Republicans. Remove both parties and we really will be the United States of America and not the Divided States of America.

Come to think of it... This might actually not be that bad. Why even have parties that are so divided? Everyone knows that everyone's going to end up siding with one... And that's the one that gives them money.

And what is your alternative? Anarchy?

20 Journalists Start Reporting the News Rather Than Become the News
21 Hospitals Hire Doctors and Nurses Who Actually Care About Their Clients and Patients
22 People Who Run Businesses, Companies and Corporations Stop Treating Their Employees Like Dirt
23 Stop Atheists from Banning Religion In Politics

Look, it's the little things the atheist do that annoy me. In my hometown, a large manger scene is put in town around Christmas. Atheists tried to get it banned, even though it was affecting them in NOT A SINGLE WAY. They just had to be buttheads. Luckily they failed, because that's a town tradition. It's the same thing as people saying 'well, gay marriage doesn't really affect you? So why should you care'? It's the same thing with religious things.

Religion and politics should always be separated. Who wants to live in a theocracy? ( exept for some religious freaks ) Just look at the islamic states where laws are based on religious concepts. This are the worst countries where freedom of individuals aren't consisting. Religion and politics separated is also what gives choise of freedom of religion because a theocracy gives only one choise ; theirs!

Freedom of religion means you can be a part of any religion you want, and no one will punish you or discriminate against you if you are an atheist. Also, "God" who I don't think exist, myself being an atheist, doesn't have any place in our economy which runs fine without "God".

Yeah, they don't need to. The constitution already makes it so that religion doesn't effect politics. But they shouldn't stop someone from having their own religion

24 Stop Spending Money On Israeli Military

I wish Israel just got erased off the map... Damn terrorists whom NATO are funding.

25 Stop Bullying Each Other
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