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21 Schools and Colleges Start Hiring Administrators, Teachers and Professors Who Know How to Care About Students
22 Stop Bullying Each Other
23 Improve the Quality of Music

Noncey item - Puga

24 Ban the Theory of Evolution

So you're going to take logical science out of our schools. We evolved from other types of humans who evolved from primates. You can believe evolution doesn't exist all you want, but the proof is there and you can't argue with clear proof and you DEFINITELY can't take logic that affects all of ours lives ever day out of the equation. - Songsta41

Kiteretsunu: #1. It's DARWIN'S finches. #2. Dinosaur fossils have nothing to do with evolution. They are species that were just wiped out long ago. #3. The NEANDERTHALS were not separate species, but humans that had been isolated from others for so long that they developed odd characteristics. They could still reproduce with normal humans. #4. The peppered moth's evolution is called MICRO evolution. That exists. We're talking about MACRO evolution, which is species to species. #5. Chimpanzees and Monkeys don't even have 1/100th of man's intelligence, spirit, ideas, feelings, and more. DNA does not mean anything. - GHOSTbirdnatureLOVER

Banning a theory ( from the greek word " theorema " meaning " speculative knowledge " ) or theories is the beginning of fascist methods. If you can't even speculate in a free country it would be not free anymore. The first principles of a democracy is that everybody should be free to give their opinions and speculations.

Isn't this technically a religion? That's like banning Christianity or Atheism. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

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25 Make Good Diplomatic Relations With Other Countries
26 Enforcing Gun and Weapon Laws

Yeah, this makes a lot of sense. Let's take away everyone's guns so criminals won't be afraid to rob houses, as they'll know no one can defend themselves. And taking away guns will so decrease violence. I mean, it's not like criminals will just start getting their guns illegally. - GHOSTbirdnatureLOVER

27 Re-Elect George W. Bush

he's Dope!

28 Educate Democrats On Why Their Party Is Actually Not a Good Idea

Going against freedom of party. Well done "US." - naFrovivuS

29 Get Rid of Democrats

If you do that, you need to rid of Republicans too. - naFrovivuS

30 Educate Americans On Why Being Republican Is Good

They did the same in NAZI Germany. Teaching ( or educate as you like to call it ) at schools, at social media channels etc...the " truth " ( you will be brainwashed that all other belief is a " lie " ). Just look what happened in NAZI Germany by doing that. You got a republican president now ( Donald Trump ). Wait and see for the future. Things will be worse for the United States in the future, believe me, ( economic crisis to come because you are taxing import countries, more racism by building walls and deny access to several countries, more terrorism to come because you provoce them now, and many more issues to come... ). But hey, you are allready brainwashed! " Make America great again " while the rest of the world doesn't care about your greatness and hates a clown like Donald Trump.

You've got to give it the ingenuity Republicans. By aligning themselves with God and Christ they have managed to get millions of people to vote against their own interests and in support of policies that benefit rich, white men. Quite the coup.

Isn't that brainwashing basically? - Turkeyasylum

Because it makes you more white? - naFrovivuS

31 Stop Calling Themselves America

It's a short term because we don't want to go around saying 'The United States of America'. This can be used or US can be, but they pretty much mean the same thing. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

Most people from the United States think that only they are Americans, when in reality, American refers to anyone from North or South America. - NicholasYellow

The name of our nation is "The United States of America", so please pull your head out of your butt when making comments.

What do I read there? Mexico is in North-America? Do I have to buy a sombrero for the snow?

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32 School and College Administrators Just Let Their Teachers and Professors Teach
33 Talk Show Hosts Let the Interview Be About the Subject and Not About Them
34 Hospitals Hire Doctors and Nurses Who Actually Care About Their Clients and Patients
35 Innovate Medicine and Medical Technology
36 Overhaul the Public School System
37 Get Rid of the Republicans V 1 Comment
38 Get Rid of Kanye West
39 Get Rid of Donald Trump V 1 Comment
40 Reduce Income Inequality
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