Changes Glee Needs to Make

I'm a Glee fan and I know half of you want to get rid of Finn, see a long romantic Brittana kiss and a comeback of the better storylined original characters, E. G Karofsky. So enjoy! :P

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1 Get Rid of Finn!

I know Finn is dead, and RIP ;( in heaven, Monteith, but in the first episodes of glee he was cheating on Quinn for Rachel, then dumped her because Quinn was preggo and then once again dumped Quinn because she hadn't told him the truth, and I know Puck's the father but did he really have to shout at her like that? I mean, (if you HAVEN'T WATCHED JOURNEY TO REGIONALS SEASON 1 EPISODE 22 then sorry for the spoiler alert) think about little baby Beth. Does Finn still care about her?

I think he's self centered hypocritical and rude.

2 A Brittana Scene Alone

I got a good Glee scene. Santana's walking to the dance club in New York in her highest heels, when she bumps into someone. She says,"Hey, what the h-" She takes off her sunglasses and see it's her old friend- Brittany. Britt blushes and they both laugh, and they slowly, in the street, kiss! Isn't that romantic, Gleeks!

I think it'd be lovely having our brawny Santana and our funny Britt back. Why can't Glee do a scene where Santana's walking to the dance club in her highest black heels and bun

3 Not Making Crappy New Characters
4 A Klaine Romance
5 Making Good Storylines
6 Tina Going to New York

They need to have a lot more about Tina! - BunnyC

7 Getting Rid of Marley Rose
8 No More McKinley High

We need more New York!

I am not agree. Like MK High.

I'm enjoying New York much better. Artie can now have a girlfriend he's always dreamed of and deserves after Tina dumped him for Mike just because of his abs and dancing moves. Rachel can now go to New York, living as a star like her heroine Barbra Streisand, Kurt can now have the carrer as a student in NYADA after getting bullied by Karofsky and slushied by those jocks and Blaine can finally have the love he's always wanted, and he cares for him, also helping him with Karofsky bullying him. Sam can now become a model because he truly loves Mercedes in their summer fling, Mercedes can now become an R&B pop star singer like her heroines Beyonce (Season 1) and Whitney (Season 1,2,3,4 and 5). McKinley was just a scene of pain for everyone of them, even Will and Emma. I'm liking NY better

9 Show the More Interesting People
10 Get Rid of the Circular Plot

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11 Having the Old Cast Back

I don't like the Season 4 and later Cast. Just think the Season 2 Cast is best

12 Stop Focusing So Much on Rachel
13 Giving Rachel Fewer Solos
14 Giving Quinn and Puck a Real Storyline
15 Giving Tina, Quinn and Mercedes More Solos
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