Top 10 Changes Seaman from the Game "Seaman" Would Do If He Was the President of America

The Top Ten

1 He will raise more debt

And turn it's currency to Zimbabwean dollar - CerealGuy

2 He will start WW3 for Seaman domination
3 He will make humans slaves and Seamen's a superior race
4 Banning all games except Seaman
5 Spend more in military than education and health care
6 Invade Russia with tuna fish

Consider it impossible, no one can eradicate Soviet Union. - Delgia2k

7 Forcing people to clean his poop, aquarium, butt and kidnap women as his slaves
8 Make more bizarre laws like "It is illegal to ride a car with a lawn flamingo while licking a cupcake"
9 Ban CerealGuy's list
10 Install a dictatorship

The Contenders

11 Crucify the Wii U
12 Ban every single indie game except for the big-name ones
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