Top Ten Channels with the Most Annoying Commercials


The Top Ten

1 WeTV

Love watching the Law & Order marathons, but hate the commercials - westofohio

3 Nickelodeon Nickelodeon Nickelodeon is an American basic cable and satellite television network launched on December 1, 1977, and is owned by Viacom through Viacom Media Networks and based in New York City.

If only they could stop with the dabbing and the hip and cool trends, Nickelodeon's creativity with its commercials could shine MUCH better. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I remember when they used to play an ad with the song Watch Me by Silento EVERY damn DAY, it was so annoying... - christangrant

Just obnoxious some times... - EliHbk

4 MyTV
5 Lifetime
7 Animal Planet
8 MTV2
9 Fox News
10 Cartoon Network Cartoon Network Cartoon Network is an American basic cable and satellite television channel that is owned by the Turner Broadcasting System division of Time Warner.

Their commercials have became the most annoying I have ever heard. If you don't believe me, watch the advertisements made by Cartoon Network. It's like poking your head in a trash canister!

I don't think this needs any explanation. If you want a hint, it has something to do with "YOUR NEW FAVORITE SHOW! " - ModernSpongeBobSucks

The Contenders

11 MLB Network
12 TruTV

This is my favorite channel, but the commercials are horrid. - lovefrombadlands

13 Prime Seven
14 Comedy Central Comedy Central
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