Top 10 Chaos Characters in the Warhammer 40k Series

Some of the most memorable and awsome warriors of Chaos. They can be CSM or (They can also be from the tabletop,books, or games), also none of the Chaos gods will be on here as well as the primarchs (But I might make a future list based on the primarchs)

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Kharn the Betrayer

Kharn the Betrayer is an infamous Bezerker Who revels in pure bloodshed and is the mortal champion of the blood god Khorne. Kharn got his name of the Betrayer when he managed to break his legion and the Emperor's children on the ice cold planet of Skalathrax with a flamethrower. It's also said he's a pretty fun guy to be around. - ChaoslordG1


Ahriman is one of the most powerful psykers in the 40k universe and is a member of the Thousand sons or former member. Ahriman was kicked out of the legion when he tried to make a spell that would protect his legion from the mutations of the warp, but instead it turned everyone who wasn't a psyker, bodies to dust and their souls were trapped in their armour. He now seeks the ancient black library and hopes to seek answers to his mistake. - ChaoslordG1

Eliphas the Inheritor

Eliphas is a Chaos lord of the Word Bearers/Black Legion and a recurring villain protagonist of the Dawn of War series. Eliphas first appeared with his Word Bearers legion on the world of Kronus were he fought with six other armies. Despite him losing the campaign and supposedly died, he had gained unexpected popularity from the fanbase and had returned in Chaos Rising were he now serves with the Black Legion. While his current fate is unknown he possibly ascended to Daemon prince. - ChaoslordG1

Huron Blackheart

Huron Blackheart was once known as Lugft Huron and was the chapter master of the Astral Claws space marine chapter. Before they became the Red crosairs,the Astral Claws were a well renouned and extremely skilled space marine chapter. But Lugft had enough of the Imperium one day and after some events that led to the Badab war. The Astral Claws aphid lost lost the war but Lugft was far from done, he had returned as Huron Blackheart chaos lord of the space pirates Red Crosiars. Over the years Huron's forces has grown to drastic levels and may soon may outnumber even the Black legion. - ChaoslordG1


Honsou was a creation of Fabius Bile were he was mixed with the genes of a Iron warrior member and a Imperial fist. As the Iron warriors and Imperial fists were bitter enemy's, Honsou was looked down upon the other Iron warriors due to the taint and was younger compared to the others. But despite his youth and tainted heritage,he had rose through the ranks of his company through bravery, tatical skill, and audacity. He had soon became a infamous warsmith that had led a devastating invasion of Ultramar and had headed the morbidly f#%^ed up Daemocubla - ChaoslordG1

Sindri Myr

Sindri was a chaos sorcerer of the Alpha Legion and was the main antagonist of the 1st Dawn of war game. He had sought to claim a artifact which would help him ascend to a daemon prince, while also manipulating a Blood Ravens librarian and Chaos lord Bale into helping him. - ChaoslordG1

Fabius Bile

Bile is a former member of the Emperor's Children and now a infamous mad scientist that specializes in genetic mutation and the creation of enhanced warriors. He is infamous for his various experiments some of which are in cloning and has a hard track of making various clones of himself and various other figures, including Horus. - ChaoslordG1

Araghast the Pillager

Araghast was a chaos lord of the Black Legion leading a force invading subsector Aurelia. He was a bloodthirsty,brutal warrior, who had possessed strength and tremendous skill who was feared far and wide by the Imperium. - ChaoslordG1


The Mortal champion of Nurgle, Typhus was a member of the death guard long before the Horus Heresy and was one of the first Space marines to join chaos and had made a trap which forced the rest of his legion to join Nurgle. He now brings death and despair to anyone who rejects Nurgles gifts. - ChaoslordG1

Kol Badar

Kol Badar was a Coryphaus of the Word Bearers and the Deuteragonist of the Word Bearers novel series. Kol Badar was one of the most capable commanders of the Word bearers legion, he was known for his keen strategic mind and dogmatic approach to warfare, which had earned him many victories. - ChaoslordG1

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