Top Ten Character Cliches Used in Shows, Movies, and Books

I have seen this cliches in certain cartoons like Monsuno. I'm not saying it's a bad thing.

The Top Ten

1 The main character is clever and is always good
2 The tomboy tries to prove she's better than the boys
3 That rival who hates the world
4 The nerd that always gets picked on by everyone

This one has been used a gazillion times and I am so EFFING TIRED OF IT - missyweirdo

5 The villain that tries to take over the world and fails over an over again
6 The bad boy image
7 The mary sue
8 The main hero leaves and his/her friends changes his/her mind
9 The big huge muscular guy who is not serious
10 The guy who makes lame jokes

The Contenders

11 Girls are better than boys
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