Best Character Improvements in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


The Top Ten

1 Ganondorf has his sword now
2 Pikachu's down air spikes
3 Shulk can instantly switch to a specific Monado Art
4 Wolf has stronger attacks
5 Marth and Lucina's Dancing Blade is faster
6 Link has remote bombs
7 Mid-air charging for Samus
8 Ryu always faces forward during a one on one match
9 Dr. Mario has a spike in his down air
10 Jigglypuff returns to her Melee combo

The Contenders

11 Fox's Final Smash is the Arwing


12 Sonic's final smash is automatic
13 Mario has Cappy

He can't use it, sadly.

14 Peach doesn't pull out her Toads like a shield anymore
15 Giga Bowser is as big as in Yoshi's Island
16 Cloud's Limit Gauge is always shown
17 Pichu is stronger
18 You can now see how many more uses Robin's spells and swords have
19 Wario's Shoulder Charge is his dash attack
20 Chrom is no longer just Robin's Final Smash
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