Top 10 Character Pairs in Stranger Things We Ship the Most

The Top Ten

1 Mileven (Mike Wheeler and Eleven)

There good together she's pretty and he's a good man

I love them together! - PandasNGaga

By far the most interesting couple of the show!

I love this couple I was looking forward the entire Season 2 for them to return

2 Jancy (Jonathan Byers and Nancy Wheeler)

Much better than Stancy! - PandasNGaga

The best ship also mileven

I've shipped them since the first season

, I totally ship them

3 Jopper (Joyce Byers and Jim Hopper)

They have to get together! They're more better than Mileven.

I ship them more than Eleven and Mike!

Better than mileven

They should be above Mileven.

4 Harringrove (Steve Harrington and Billy Hargrove)

Uhh... no. - Hermione_Granger220

5 Stancy (Steve Harrington and Nancy Wheeler)

Steve deserves better. - Misfire

6 Lumax (Lucas Sinclair and Max Mayfield)

Defiantly the best!

I love this ship

7 Mill (Mike and Will)

Why is this so far on the ship list and why do people think mileven is best when they only speak like 5 words to each other in a week when will and mike have known each other since kindergarten and know everything about each other


Please upvote! I would die of happiness if this became a thing in season four (even though it already is😏)

Let’s not. - PumpkinKing109

8 Dumax (Dustin Henderson and Max Mayfield)
9 Stoncy (Steve Harrington, Jonathan Byers, and Nancy Wheeler)
10 Dartstin (Dustin Henderson and D'Artagnan)


I thought this would be a good one to add... RIP d'Artagnan ;(

The Contenders

11 Suzitin (Dustin and Suzie)
12 Stonathan (Steve Harrington and Jonathan Byers)
13 Maudia (Mews Henderson & Claudia Henderson)

The hell?! - PumpkinKing109

14 Murrexei (Murray and Alexei)
15 Jabbing a Red Hot Fire Poker in Your Eye

No14 thanks u guys!

Should be 1#

16 Wieght (Eight and Will)

I'm sure whoever came up with the name is having a good laugh right now - Unnamed Google User Remade

Please tell me this is a thing

17 Bancy (Barbara Holland and Nancy Wheeler)
18 Trill (Troy and Will Byers)

NO. - Hermione_Granger220

19 Milly (Max and Billy)

No sweet home Alabama here. Get out. - PumpkinKing109

But they're siblings... - Misfire

20 Demobyers (Demogorgon and Will Byers)

Demobyers should be something

21 Mill (Max and Will)
22 Dustebinica (Dustin Henderson, Steve Harrington, Robin Buckley and Erica Sinclair)
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