Best Characters In AJ Samih's the Frown


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1 Mohammed Samih Saeed

He is funny and cool and also have lot of bad memories to keep he is sad and trying to be a good friend and to be a king for his dreams his life is so interesting and he is blow it - AJSAMIH

2 Mahmoud Munner

Left a great effect at the end of the story funny and nice I love him so much - AJSAMIH

3 Mohammed Saeed Saeed

He is a very nice person his role at the story is short but left a great effect till the end - AJSAMIH

4 Samih "Calvin sir" Saeed

He was the reason of all the things in the end he leave a nice mark in the all novel - AJSAMIH

5 Mohammed Najeeb

He is funny and little bit cheater but his role was amazing - AJSAMIH

6 Malak Yahya

She is funny and she is so cool and in the all story the trust was on her so she is cool - AJSAMIH

7 Ahlam Nasser \ Omima Abdo

Those two girls also left a flavor at the story - AJSAMIH

8 Inass Eman Saeed

Mohammed's Aunts they left a great effect in the novel - AJSAMIH

9 Casitel Morgan
10 Revela Makron

The Contenders

11 Mouad Walled
12 John Fallion
13 Ahmed Alteep

He is funny but his role end so fast - AJSAMIH

14 Shefa Saeed Donia Samih
15 Stander Agline
16 Mohammed Mahfood
17 Mohammed Ali
18 Rose Adines
19 Mohammed Azza'
20 Genod Sele
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1. Mohammed Samih Saeed
2. Mohammed Saeed Saeed
3. Mahmoud Munner
1. Casitel Morgan
2. Mohammed Samih Saeed
3. Mahmoud Munner



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