Why I think Michaela (A Hatsune Miku Persona In The Vocaloid Story of Evil series) Is a mary sue

MLPFan I kinda wished I made this long ago, so here are some reasons why Michaela is a mary sue.

You read the title, Michaela is a character played by the vocaloid Hatsune Miku in the vocaloid series "story of evil". Michaela is a maid in the freezis mansion and is a famous idol across the land, too. She was also the target of the Green Hunting. So let's just begin and look at some things in her that made her a bit too mary sueish.

1) Everyone Loves her, except the bad guys
You all saw this coming. She's insanely popular with everyone and is ridiculously loved by everyone. She became popular as an idol at night too and got some titles/epithets that emphasize how popular and special she is to everyone. Wanna know what happened in the green hunt? It was a war, and a massacre. You can die in a heartbeat and yet, everyone went out of their way to save Michaela. No one cared about Clarith, It's all about Michaela after all, so let's all risk our lives for her! Yay! NOT.

2) Many boys liked her
So many boys do have feelings for her that It's insanely ridiculous. She once said she got a bunch of marriage proposals and gifts from men and had declined them all. And to make things worse, even a guy who is already ENGAGED to another girl fell for her too and left the poor girl so he can be with Michaela. But he got rejected too, lmao.

3) (Again..)A guy left his fiancee to be with her
I felt so sorry for Rilliane (the girl Kyle, the boy left for Michaela). She may be a tyrranical queen and had terrible deeds to her people but she was possessed (I remembered so). For the Rilliane haters who are also Michaelafags, lemme tell you something:
Imagine if you were engaged with a man who you thought was the love of your life, but then It turns out he cheated on you for some girl. You'd be enraged about it, right? That's how Rilliane felt. She loved Kyle and was engaged to him although It's by the wish of their parents. You can't force someone to love you back, sure. But they're already engaged. Engaged. They'd be married soon, until Michaela came. I feel so bad for Rilliane, really bad.

4) The only reason she gets into trouble is because she's SO GREAT
Because there's nothing unlikeable about Michaela! She gets jealous at people sometimes and can be naive, sure but the jealousy never backfires because everyone loves her more and the naive thing? She was killed because of it, and then became a goddess! If you think about it, she's a walking perfection. Most of her character is 'Perfection perfection and utter perfection'. She's said to be the prettiest girl on the land, she has the prettiest green hair, she's an amazing singer, she's good at chores, everyone loves her, she's treated as the second coming of god, and somehow even she's said to be illiterate, she's actually really wise and smart.

5) Her somehow, "sad" past
She was a forest spirit but was very alone and wanted to know how it is to love and to be loved and then yaddayaddayadda she got turned into a woman and goes to elphegort and was worshipped by the people there. Clarith did have a bad past too, but did everyone suddenly worship her? Did she start to grow a list of things she's miraculously good at? Did someone left their lovers for her? Did a war/genocide happened because someone was jealous of her? Quick answer: NO. Clarith was way bearable to me than Michaela. Clarith is the anti sue to Michaela's mary sue but I rather have anti sues than mary sues. At least anti sues aren't spotlight stealers.

6) She's shoehorned into the center of everything for no reason, in other words: She was a one woman spotlight stealing squad.
Everyone knows that 'Story of Evil' was about Rilliane and Allen but somehow Michaela came and took a bunch of screentime. She's a minor character but she gets way too many screentime and is treated as if the whole story revolves on her. We rarely get to see the other side characters and once we thought we're gonna know more about the others, suddenly Michaela came in and became the center of attention. The whole green war/ hunt thing started because Rilliane was jealous of her, the reason Kyle broke his engagement was for her, and so on. Elluka shouldn't have turned her into a human.

7) Her "flaws" don't give her outcomes and when she gets into trouble, It's never really her fault.
Again, the jealousy part is pointless. In normal circumstances, jealousy is a flaw in fact in some cases, It's a fatal flaw that could have a large impact on someone and their relationships with others. But in Michaela's circumstances, It's not. Why? Because no one hated her for it. Plus everyone loves Michaela more than everyone else.
She gets angry sometimes too, but It's not as often as most people and It only causes a very small conflict that will be irrelevant for the next few pages. Again, no one hated her for It.
She has hardly any knowledge in stuff like 'love'. But It's because of her nature. Plus, some would find her lack of knowledge towards love cute, for some reason.
She can be way too trusting, and she was killed because of It. But wait until you see what happens to her after she dies: She became a goddess. Seriously?! You became a FLIPPING GODDESS AFTER YOU DIE?! That's a mary sue warning for me. I mean, turned into a goddess after you die? Seriously? Can't she go through the whole hellish or heavenly yard thing? Like everyone else in the series? But nope, she's a goddess now.

And wanna know why people liked her? Easy. Hatsune Miku. She's a character played by Hatsune Miku, and that's why people liked her and didn't see her as a mary sue she Is. What's so special in her character anyway, other than as a Miku role? She's such a boring character and is just some walking perfection. Glad that they killed her off, although with her dying she just got the word 'mary sue' to the next level. I can't stand her. And this is from someone who really likes Hatsune Miku.

That's all for today, goodbye and seeya next time!