Top 10 Best Characters in the Book Animal Farm

Animal Farm is a allegory book about the Russian Revolution. Using pigs and a barn as to represent Joseph Stalin and Russia. Here's what I consider to be the best characters from this book.

The Top Ten

1 Boxer

His death was quite tragic and he worked very hard as well.

2 Benjamin

One of the only intelligent people in the story.

3 Napoleon

Perfect representation of Stalin to be honest.

4 Snowball

Even though he's similar to Trotsky in the book he was a solid character.

5 Mr. Frederick

Despite him basically being hitler in this book he was quite likable.

6 Pincher

One of the three dogs in Animal farm but was kind of boring in all honesty.

7 Bluebell

A better character then Jessie to be honest.

8 Clover

Somewhat decent but kind of mediocre.

9 Muriel

She didn't do much but was a ok character.

10 Jessie

Like Muriel she didn't do much but was a ok character.

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