Best Characters from Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The Top Ten

1 Detective Jake Peralta

Needs no introduction


he’s immature in a funny mature way

2 Gina Linetti

The reason Gina is awesome is that even though she occasionally seems irresponsible or apathetic, she's actually incredibly smart & loyal to the people she's close too. She's as far from cliche as possible & comes off as a real person, which is what I love about all the characters in this show. Also, her quotes are ' hilarious.

Gina is obviously the best character

ugh queen

3 Captain Ray Holt
4 Detective Charles Boyle

Boyle is classic and loveable. No one can pull of the cheesy lines like he can!

Boyle adds by far the most to that programme

5 Detective Rosa Diaz

badass b

6 Terry Jeffords

Funny and honest

terry loves his yogurt.

7 Detective Amy Santiago

Shes smart, gorgeous, and funny. shes an iconic queen

8 Detective Norm Scully


9 Detective Michael Hitchcock
10 Doug Judy

He da best with jake

The Contenders

11 Adrian Pimento Adrian Pimento is a psychologically volatile police officer who spent twelve years undercover infiltrating the mafia. His first appearance is in the third season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, in which he returns to the NYPD's 99th Precinct after his undercover work ends. His series of psychological traumas more.
12 Vulture
13 Madeline Wuntch
14 Mlepnos

Best character in my opinion

You misspelt his name

15 Fire Marshall Boone
16 Seth Dozerman
17 Bob Annderson
18 Zeke
19 Captain Jason Stently
20 Marcus
21 Geoffrey Hoytsman
22 Kevin Cozner
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