Best Characters from Chapter 1 of Black Worlds

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1 Archmaflesia, the Dragon Queen

Archmaflesia, (original name was Jaia) was the Second Dragon Queen and the primary leader of the Arnestrian factions as well as leader of Erisa. What makes her character so great is her variety of personality and action, she was both caring and compassionate as well as a warrior and military genius. Archmaflesia was an archaeologist prior to becoming a queen, using her knowledege of the earth allowed her to find a rare substance in masses and make a fortune from it. She used 80% of the money to enforce military and improvements of the city she lived in at the time, she was also known for eliminating demon camps without a trace.

She was also just very intelligent in general, smarter than most people. Archmaflesia was the mentor of the characters Akkrys Windstrider, Neeran Odindorr as well as Jexkarvia, and if it was not for her, these characters would probably not have gotten as far as they did. Archmaflesia uses the water to aid her in combat, to defend herself or to overwhelm ...more - Freekissh

Archmaflesia has the most character out of any Black Worlds character as well as being a better survivalist and leader than any other character, she would literally school Neeran and Windstrider in terms of survivability. - Freekissh

Alright, first of all, Archmaflesia is a great character. She is smart, strong and has compassion for those around her and loves nothing more than rightful justice and the protection of her people and kingdom. Recently, Archmaflesia got a massive story addition to reveal her past which proves that she WAS in fact an archaeologist prior to the passing of her father who was Dul'Gon the Azure on Carem. Archmaflesia never thought about being queen, especially while she got rich from her findings of seroshyynite and used much of the money to aid her kingdom and the military. Archmaflesia was also the mentor of Neeran Odindorr and Akkrys Windstrider. And had it not been for her, Windstrider may have never gotten to the Void.

She is nearly as smart as Windstrider as well, and I would not be surprised if she got #1. And She was also the sole reason that the dragon race survived the Cleansing and the apparent Hunt of All Dragons.

For abilities, she is totally op. She has the ...more - Freekissh

2 DulGon the Azure, First Dragon King

Dul'Gon was a slave early in his life and trained secretly behind the backs of his demon slavemasters. Eventually, he was able to break free and retaliate alongside rebels that joined him until he eventually killed the demon leader named Cordalis. Dul'Gon built a kingdom of massive proportions and a sanctuary for all dragons, as well as being a great fighter, he fought the Azurespines for 8 continuous days without sleep. That's a warrior.

Dul'Gon was also the father of Archmaflesia, and sacrificed himself during the Cordalis Aftermath Storm (which rendered Carem uninhabitable) to ensure the survival of the future Queen. - Freekissh

3 Sinrau, the Dread

The first character created in BW. Sinrau is a demonic mastermind that wanted to prove his worth to the the other Grief Lords by attempting to capture a planet by himself. Sinrau failed of course, but scarred the lives of millions of people. With his introduction, it officially started the Grand Demon War, and Sinrau stirred up Seddrumakk and the other Earh Guardians. - Freekissh

4 Lord Akkrys Windstrider

Akkrys Windstrider was born with an IQ of 220-280 (could not be specified) which obviously gave him the smarts to master 300 languages, memorize and master 1227 styles, combats and martial art styles... Windstrider formed a very successful battle plan and strategy when he was 8 years old and gave the kingdom of Erisa a huge advantage.

Lord Windstrider's greatest era was well during the time he was a villain, he was exceptionally hard to fight against because he knew everyone's weakness, possible plans and what it takes to lead a massive and constantly replenishing army. Windstrider gained his power overtime and worked for it, he battled powerful LIGHT-SPEED enemies and stole their energy using the energy he acquired from DEATH himself after he was defeated in a sword-fight by Windstrider.

Windstrider is smart, tricky, very powerful and he doesn't take nothing from nobody. His demonic plague warped his appearance to something that best resembles Darth Malgus, and his ...more - Freekissh

5 Neeran Odindorr, the Dark Dragon

Neeran Odindorr is a different character than Windstrider or Mordan, he had a family that he loved dearly until he was corrupted by Tathamet. Neeran was a powerful water dragon that wanted to share his strength with his people, he spent most of his life training his elemental abilities before beginning an anti-demon campaign and successfully destroying Ven'Xet. - Freekissh

6 Mordan Shadowsol

Mordan was an orphaned storm elf that had dreams of adventure, but followed a steady flow of training. He trained with the Mystic Monks of the Brotherhood for 30 years before completing his training and earning the unbreakable Greatsword of the Brotherhood. Mordan was the defeater of Sinrau the Dread and was the one of split the demon from Akkrys Windstrider's soul.

Mordan was declared Lord of Shadows after the death of Windstrider, and Mordan spent the rest of his life training warriors to great proportions. - Freekissh

7 Ves'Kara Renoc, the Unending

Ves'Kara is the daughter of Neeran and Jexkarvia, she is a Gron'Jaar which meant she had the strength of the earth (which means 90 ton lifting force in reality) and nearly impenetrable skin as well as stronger/denser bones than other dragon descendants.

Now, Ves'Kara started off as a troublemaker and then evolved into a powerful character. She inherited some of the darkness from her father, such as the resurrection power, which was proven when she took a bullet to the HEAD.

Ves'Kara is tough, but caring and knows how to handle most situations. She is the only one to have completed and survived the Eternity Trials and the Death Jester tournaments, after completing the Eternity Trials, she earned the possibly planet-smashing Eternity Bolt.

Ves'Kara is also half-blind and had to make special goggles that prevent her from completely going blind. Even if she did go blind, she can use the vibrations in the earth to help her, as well as smell and sound. - Freekissh

8 Malceras, the Forbidden One

Malceras was created by Sedarion to aid him in his quest to destroy all evil while he was still a force of good, but Malceras was a broken and flawed soul that fell to madness rather quickly. Malceras was the first true evil character in all of Black Worlds.

Malceras was also the promoter of the primordial demons but Sedarion took over once Malceras was in his state of coma. But when Malceras came back, he began his own operations: experimenting on various beings from different worlds and buffing them up to the likings of himself. Malceras' army consisted of lab abominations with various abilities and resistances, as well as shapes and sizes.

Malceras was imprisoned by Proteus Maximus in the Chains of Eternity but Malceras broke the chains, and he brought his 8 fleets with him to attack the 3rd and 4th sectors as revenge. It was at that point that Malceras was revealed to be a nether mage as well as a void mage, manipulating forces beyond the concepts of most ...more - Freekissh

9 Torvos Manreaver

Torvos was the 2nd to master the Uvocu, the combat style that Akkrys Windstrider specialized in. Torvos was a forest elf that originally destined to be a trainer, but went into continue Mordan's quest, equality for all. No more faction wars and everyone would live peacefully.

Torvos is strong and a teamplayer, he cares about the well-being of his comrades and is also an avenger. - Freekissh

10 Sedarion, the Nefarious Titan

The true origin of Sedarion is still a mystery. The only thing known about Sedarion at his early stage was that he was one of the primary creators and the protector of the Old Worlds and then the New Worlds upon it's creation. Sedarion was considered to be the strongest of the Creators as he should be, as the Protector.  

Sedarion was also called the Titan of Strength, the Binder, the Master of the Fundamental Forces and so on. Sedarion had the ability to strengthen or weaken anything to his demand and yielded the power of gravity and other powerful forces that held everything together.  

He was also called the Champion of Realms as he could defeat every threat he  faced and also the only known defeater of the Gol'Uroc Atrocities which were capable of tearing apart dimensions in seconds.  Sedarion had creative abilities too, as well as abilities to modify beings to his liking as well as objects. He protected the Old Worlds for many millennia before the creation of ...more - Freekissh

The Contenders

11 Val'Deras, the Destroyer

Val'Deras is basically a planet-sized squid covered in giant shark teeth. The charcter himself is most famous for creating the Grief Lord Council and sending them to various planets to capture them or eliminate all life there. Val'Deras is a cosmic being created by Sedarion to destroy planets, but he is also intelligent and a merciless charcter. - Freekissh

12 Mokrat of Kul'Aan
13 Jexkarvia Zinj

Jexkarvia or "Jexy" was a dark character the specialized in hammer style combats. She wields the Annihilation hammer and is capable of killing many foes by herself. She is the mother of Ves'Kara and leading general of Archmaflesia's army. - Freekissh

14 Ven'Xet

A nefarious demon bound together only by hate and the will to wreak havoc and destruction everywhere he goes. Once a great yet mighty demon lord focused on destruction of the evil demons, and set on peace on alien worlds is now a corrupt and black force. Ven'Xet was a smart tyrant and considered the most powerful Grief Lord, he changed the way the evil demons carried things out, and is still remembered as one of the most ruthless characters ever. - Freekissh

15 Insididiah the Molten
16 Neera Nightclaw

Meow. Neera Nightclaw is also called the Copycat because she can mimic any foes combat style or abilities. She created the Jalixian Assassination Organization and is famous for being able to hold her own against Lord Windstrider. - Freekissh

17 Proteus Maximus

Proteus is the God of Magic. He rarely comes out, but when he does, it is because he wants to destroy a powerful threat. His bolt is capable of creating supernovas and smashing planets with ease. - Freekissh

18 Voskian Odindorr

"Why do I wear this mask? I wear it to see the world in it's true colors: hostile, barbaric and decieving. I can see through your lies and mind games" Voskian is the son of Neeran Odindorr and Genocia, he was tortured constantly as a child to put him in his place and follow Neeran on his genocide. Voskian is much smarter than Neeran and rivals Windstrider in terms of military tactics. - Freekissh

19 Marro Nightclaw
20 Gaffrodan
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