Top 10 Characters in Dawn of the Forgotten

The Top Ten
1 Theodren

The older brother of Zarriok, this character intended to bring good while over coming his own struggles. He was also a general for the High Guard in his earlier years.

He's kind, he's relatable, has a cool backstory, and he's a badass... what more could you want?

2 Zoran

The propagondist of the story, he was a skilled strategist as a general of the High Guard in his earlier years. He's also the one who ended Almar's reign.

3 Almar

You really gotta feel bad for him. His entire life, for over a thousand years, was spent being mocked and betrayed by the very people he loved and cared for. The world was nothing but a wasteland of backstabbing heartless scum! All he wanted, deep down, was acceptance, but until the very end he didn't see how impossible that chance was.

The antagonist of the story, this character was feared for many years. A legendary being who challenged the monarchy. His power was so great that he ended the entirety of the supreme race! Truthfully, he was the last Faulonian by birth and was also the son of their leader.

One of the best antagonists on my list! That's for sure.

4 Valora

Daughter of Aran Sadorian. She was known by many as the only elf to take on the tyrant. Her desire for justice was given to her from her mother who died while attempting to benefit the humans at the start of the rebellion.

5 Carrion

One of the highest ranking officials to Drakon. He was a skilled dragon slayer and the one who taught Zarriok and Theodren through the arts of combat. Generally, he was quiet, known as the friendly giant, and guided Valora on her early training in Drakon.

6 Sven

The man of the north, youngest of the group. He was previously the apprentice to Fenris, later becoming the messenger for Drakon. According to Valora, they were once really close friends.

7 Steffen

Not exactly the most skilled warrior. What sets him aside from the others is his passion for cooking and with a personality typically led by arrogance.

8 Drew

His background is unknown. He sacrificed his life to repay the debt he had to those he betrayed. He spent most of his life under the protection of the Dark Cloaks.

9 King Derek

King of Lorlyn. One of the strongest warrior's during that time. Known for his pride and love for drinking.

10 Armand Malrick

A stubborn, self-centered man of the higher nobility who was always loyal to his comrades. He even betrayed his country just to save them, and with time he ujderstood those who he once rejected.

The Contenders
11 Lydia

One of the first characters you see in the story. A beautiful, kind, and yet still very emotional character. All she wanted was happiness, no matter what she had to go through to get it.

12 Fenris

Father of the two sons. His background is unknown but it is for certain that he was a descendant of the supreme race. He wouldn't give up on finding the right path, even after sacrificing his life to keep his friends safe, he gave his all to what was right.

13 Lena

A women who never showed her emotions, someone who cared for others and just wanted the world to be better.

14 Helena

A mother with a complicated past.. Before Ilaria's birth, she lived a life of cruelty. She just wanted her daughter to be blind of that cruelty.

15 Ilaria

The light within the darkest caves.

16 Guaren

Honestly the most boring part of the book, but I suppose you get to know more about Almar.

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