Top Ten Characters In Dog With a Blog

Ever watched dog with a blog? Well, if you have then what is your favourite characters.

The Top Ten

1 Stan

He is the only likeable character in my opinion.

He is my favorite he reminds me of my dog well my dog is A Golden Labrador

Dan is just weird I don't get why you always have to act like that he just talks that's just weird there's no such thing as that and at the end of the show mostly when the commercials and blogging that's the end of a show that he's dumb

The dog that can talk. He is kinda funny.

2 Avery Jennings

Avery Jennings is a soft and she doesn't know how to act but you just act like you feel smarter than all the other kids to drive a quote in front of this boy and he doesn't do any of that stuff

She is ugly she selfish and flip with the mouth I hate her if you give this a thumbs down I will kill you!

Very smart. A lot smarter than her brother. laugh out loud

She always gets in fights with friends but the she learns her lesson I like her

3 Chloe James

Chloe is very weird but I don't know why she always uses metaphors and similes but I don't know what those mean but she always easy long as you think that everybody knows everything else but she acts weird all the time like literally all the time

How are you gonna say she uses to much metaphors and similes and you don't know what that means?

She is spoilt but funny. I like her red hair.

I love her attitude she is so funny

Love her personality and adore her hair it is not often gingers get put on shows I remember cece and that's it plus who couldn't love her atitude you go girl

4 Ellen Jennings

Cheat human just like her daughter

Funny mum. Always says good one ellen. laugh out loud

I dis agree I can't belive you guys don't like this show

DWAB is my favorite show. I love all the charecters; sure Avery is a BIT annoying, but only when she was younger. Ellen is funny. Well, only to her. I think that makes it EVEN more funny!

5 Tyler James

He is hot very hot and I makes you like very very very very very very CUTE

Hot abd handsome. Giant eyebrows are weird

6 Lindsay

The only person I like in this show.

Wears funny kinda cool hats

7 Nikki Ortiz

She is a show off. She always brags about herself.

Likes to act best actor of them all.

8 Bennett James

Works with children. And sometimes acts like a child.

9 Carl

He definitely grows as a character in the later seasons.

Always is mean


10 Max

Max is hilarious and "cares" for Avery and Lindsay

The Contenders

11 Freddie


12 Wes Manning
13 Gracie
14 Princess

So cute

15 Mason
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