Best Characters in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Top ten best characters in the Harry Potter spinoff movie series: Fantastic Beasts.

The Top Ten

1 Queenie Goldstein

Queenie and Newt were my favorites. Queenie was so sweet kind and powerful. I loved her so much - FavoriteFightingFrenchman

I agree. I had a really hard time picking between Queenie and Newt for my favorite character. - Ravenclaw

She's awesome in a quirky way. She reminds me of Luna. - Goku02

Queenie is a QUEEN! Need I say more?

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2 Newt Scamander

He's awesome and funny. He has a good heart, and he screws everything up and gets into trouble all the time, just like me! Not to mention he's quite powerful, being able to hold his own against Gellert Grindelward for a while. - Goku02

He is just a sweet cinnamon roll. my friends haven't seen the moive so they don't understand how I feel about this movie and this character. - AnonymousChick

3 Porpentina Goldstein

Tina is amazing. A strong leading lady who stole Newt's heart. Tina has great skills of magic and is misjudged by her first impression of strictness. She has a soft side and is kind and has pity for everything. She appreciates the creatures and will make Newt's life more fun, with her adventurous, strong, and justified personality.

AKA Tina is an amazing character! At first she seems like the kind of girl who has big authorities because she catches Newt. But in the end, she befriends him and maybe even starts to like him.

She's annoying in my opinion. She keeps trying to get Newt caught. - Goku02

Newt and Jacob wouldn't've survived without Tina - FavoriteFightingFrenchman

4 Seraphina Picquery

I think she has a lot of potential to develop into a great character in sequels. - Ravenclaw

5 Gellert Grindelwald

He did not look like I though he would - FavoriteFightingFrenchman

He looked very different! I mean come on! White, spiky hair? Grindelwald? PSH UNREAL! - parkl911

6 Jacob Kowalski

Jacob was funny but not a character who's only purpose was comic relief. His storyline made me cry the most especially at the end - FavoriteFightingFrenchman

Only 9th? Jacob is awesome! He's absolutely hilarious and is a very good person and friend. I wish his memory hadn't been wiped. - Goku02

Come on at least let him be in the top five. He is funny.

7 Mary Lou Barebone

Number 6 on best characters? Are you kidding? She not only deserves to be on bottom, but she deserves to be on negative! - AnonymousChick

Hated her so much for what she did to Credence.

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8 Credence Barebone

Ezra Miller's performance as Credence was, in my opinion, the best performance in the film, he made me feel very uneasy, uncomfortable and very chilling with a sense of darkness and a dread of coldness but I knew why he was like that and that's the most impressive aspect and I wanted to know so much more about this character who is mentally damaged and manipulated. - idontknow

Credence was my favorite! I felt so sorry for him. I wanted to go through the screen and give him a hug.

He was just a kid! He deserved better than that! - AnonymousChick

He should be way before Mary Lou!

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9 Gnarlack
10 Langdon Shaw

The Contenders

11 Pickett the Bowtruckle

His green, leaf friend was one of my favorite fantastic beasts - FavoriteFightingFrenchman

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12 Frank the Thunderbird

The most awesome fantastic beast. - Goku02

13 Henry Shaw Junior
14 Henry Shaw Senior
15 Modesty Barebone
16 Chastity Barebone
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