The Secrets of FNaF Part 1!

SionicRelations So, yeah. I just got the (awesome) book called "Five Nights at Freddy's: The Freddy Files". It pretty much tells you everything you need to know, and more! The "and more!" part is the secrets! Thou shalt not hide secrets forever! Lets dive in this mess!

FNaF : You can make five bars appear by closing ALL the doors, turning on a light, and flipping open the cameras. The 5th bar only appears for a second because lights and cameras can't be on at the same time for no apparent reason (maybe). Hold down c, d, and + to skip a night. Click on the poster to honk Freddy's nose (you can do this in almost every game). Golden Freddy gets his own section. I dare you to change your date to October 31st and see what happens. SECRET SCREENS: In the Pirate Cove, once Foxy leaves the sign turns into "IT'S ME". In the West Hall corner you may see a picture of Freddy destroying himself. East Hall you may see crying children as the posters. In the East Hall Corner you might see "IT'S ME" or four different newspaper clippings. They are about the incident that involving the Purple Guy! Backstage all the heads turn towards you, even the horrifying endoskeleton.

FNaF 1 Golden Freddy Location: In the West Hall corner, the Freddy poster has a tiny chance of changing. If it changes into Golden Freddy, do this immediately. 1.) Drop the monitor and an empty animatronic suit. 2.) Golden Freddy will appear in the office, with flashes of "IT'S ME". Seeing him on PC will cause you to crash, but on mobile he'll just kill you. To stop this bring up the monitor quickly.

FNaF 2: Secret animatronics appear. Golden Freddy can be seen either in the hallway as a ghost head, or in the office as a crumpled animatronic. Equip the Freddy mask so he won't attack you. Shadow Freddy appears in the Parts/Service room. There is an animatronic called RWQFSFASXC. He is also known as Shadow Bonnie. You can see him in your office on the left side. There are four mini-games. They are SAVETHEM, Take Cake to the Children, Foxy Go! Go! Go!, and finally Give Gifts, Give Life.

FNaF 3: Maybe a secret, maybe not. There is a nightmare mode. The Night 5 end mini-game is significant. In it you play as a Crying Child. You see Purple Guy come in as four other Crying Children block him from leaving. He gets into the spring lock suit and BAM! He get accidentally crushed by it! The end screen for that shows a faded "Bad ending." screen. If you beat the "Nightmare" mode in any way, you see a "Fazbear's Fright burns to the ground!" newspaper clipping. If you examine it very closely, you can see Springtrap looking at the camera, smiling. The mini-game "BB's Air Adventure" has a sort of kinda dark secret. If you go past the final balloon and jump at the left wall to end the game, you can glitch through that wall. if you do you see a bunch of dead(?) Balloon Boy's and if you go past them you can collect a rainbow balloon. Then you can go back and restart the night. Mangle's Quest can only be accessible on Night 2. If you go through the (secret) opening in the wall you see a big crying thing that looks like Puppet. If you go past him and collect the cake you can reset the night. In "BB's Air Adventure" if you give the cake you collected to a Crying Child it will cheer him up. In "Chica's Party" you can give a Crying Child another huge cake. To get to the "Stage 01" mini'game, find a Bonnie figurine and double-click it in Night 5. Then it will take you to a 3 by 3 pad. Click it like it's a phone pad. You have to most likely get a phone to do this. Click in "395248" and then you're there. In the end you get to give a kid, what else, a cake. In "Shadow Bonnie" you can press "S" to phase in and out of the Shadow Bonnie mini-game. Use the BB's Air Adventure glitch to get to the secret area, then walk to the center screen and press "S". You can now give a kid a cake. In "Happiest Day" you have to give a kid a Golden Freddy mask. Once you do, they disappear and the masks fall on the floor. Weird. If you do all the mini-games correctly, you get the "Good Ending", where there is only four masks and the eyes aren't glowing. There is a faded, "The End." in the background. There are three rare Springtrap images that show a person inside. Only it's their skeleton. All retro Freddy posters turn into Springtrap. The Bonnie poster changes to a pink/gold cupcake. You might see a crumpled Freddy suit in the corner of the office. To end Part 1, you might see paper plate characters in your office.


Sorry, can't make second lists, long story short, gave the book away. Didn't have a use for it. - SionicRelations