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Listen, I understand that some people do not like Foxy, but let me just say, that Foxy is the best character to me. Let me also say, that Foxy is one of the five main characters in the game that are actually good. Let me reassure you, that Foxy, Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Golden Freddy are all good guys that are extremely confused. As I have looked into the franchise, I realised that after reading the book, looking for clues, and looking into the story of the game, you can finally see the truth. The children that possess these animatronics forget who had killed them, which makes them kill any adult they see. I have noticed that during the book, Jason, who is an eleven year old boy, thinks that Foxy is trying to kill him, but rather, trying to protect him. After being confused that Marla (his older sister) and the other friends are trying to save him, Foxy is a child who will kill them if they get any closer. I agree to those people that say that Foxy is not everyones favourite, but rather ...more

I think Foxy because there's theories he's a good guy, plus in my opinion Foxy is the cutest and foxes don't really harm people plus they're super duper cute! You ever seen Fox and the hound or fantastic Mr Fox? Anyways the theories he's a good guy is in the first one if you don't check on him that much he'll start to worry and think something has happened to you so will bolt down the hallway to make sure your ok. When he screeches that's just his way of saying are you alright. In the second one he tries to give you a hug but you die of a heart attack, if you haven't noticed when Foxy jumps on you in the second one you can hear him screeching "FREEDOM". But yeah! Foxy is the best, the cutest, cutest fan art, and best backstory. Also he's a pirate fox which makes it cuter!

That's exactly what I heard :). And plus, some people say Mangle caused the bite of 87 instead - CuriousKitten555

If you take it into consideration (and don't hate me for this) but if you think about it. In the first Five Night's At Freddy's game, Foxy doesn't get all in your face like Bonnie, Chica, and Freddy do. He just leans in and screams. A theory once said that the player may have died of a heart attack due to his scream. Think about this too, he was isolated in pirate cove for ten years (or less, I don't know) and he has been quite lonely.

And if you say he is the cause of 'The Bite of '87', wrong. There are four suspects that include Foxy. The four suspects are Mangle, for she can just swing down and bite your head. Golden Freddy, for the shut down of the Fredbear's Dinner because of the murder of a child. Foxy, for the shut down of the cove. Finally Freddy for the strange child hand prints on his face (if you have not seen that before, please look).

Besides, there are things that people like about Foxy. He's a pirate after all! Who doesn't like pirates! And people have ...more

Foxy is awesome! He gets me when I least expect it in the first game, wants to hug you in the second and third game, and licks you in the fourth ( he's the only one of the nightmares who has a tongue) Plus in the sister location it has Freddy and Foxy. Not Bonnie or Chica. They kept Freddy to keep it five nights at Freddy's not five nights at baby's. Foxy is there not Bonnie or Chica. Sure you might say it's toy foxy when he/she is built but it's called foxy not toy foxy. In short foxy is the best of the best

He so so well behaved compared to the other characters, Bonnie doesn't move much but he is super scary when you turn on the lights at the left door. Chica is not as scary but she moves a lot and killed me twice and I didn't even make it to the second night. Freddy fazbear, well I barely see him, foxy is cool and he doesn't bother you the first night, I like the way how he runs through the hallway and yells at me, he is so fierce, the first and only time I saw him do that, I was to scared to manage to close the door, but I think he still manages to come. In anyways

I think that Foxy is the coolest! "Why" you ask? Well, ever since I have heard of Five Nights, I have started to like foxes for the sake of Foxy. And also his jump scare, it be as if he were to be your own father! Think of it this way, when your parents hear you scream, they race to your this case, the office...well, they would make sure that you are alright. Well, in conclusion, I have already said this, but I think that Foxy is EPIC!

Foxy is number 2 on the worst five nights at Freddy's characters list because of you Foxy fans. You guys ruined him. Well most of you Foxy fans. Now everybody is starting to hate Foxy all because most of you Foxy fans. So all I wanted to say was congratulations most of you Foxy fans! Now your most favorite character is going to be the worst character!

We can't all agree that Foxy is our favourite character, but he is indeed my favourite and many others, and I love him because of his horrifying story, look (especially withered Foxy) jumpscares, and voice. I am one of those people who thinks that Foxy is a bad guy, and he is definitely trying to kill you. I love all the animatronics, and Foxy isn't special from the others. They have all got their own methods of killing the night guard. Please don't make up weird theories about how Foxy is the only good guy, and he wants to hug you. - timelordgaia

I like Foxy because I like foxes. He's about my third favorite, right behind Purple Guy in second and Marionette in first. He's really cool, but again, I think he's cool because I think foxes and shy characters are cool. But my opinion doesn't count as much as everyone else's. Seriously, my second favorite is a serial killer. So take my opinion with a pinch of salt.

Foxy was the one who took me completely by surprise when he starts charging down that hallway (cam) and into your office, unlike his companions who remain motionless while the camera is on them. It was then and there that Foxy became my favorite, because his movements were so unexpected when it's your first time playing!

Foxy is awesome he looks awesome he does his dum dum thing and every time they make a new Foxy he looks better than the last and being in the first game he had a sign saying Out Of Order which made it more interesting why until we learn about the bite of 87 but still it's still interesting to learn more about all characters especially Foxy for he is my favorite and another thing is that people fight over is Funtime Foxy is a girl or boy I say she is a girl for how she looks.

Foxy is my favorite character. (probably because he's a fox) I know he's overrated, but is that a real reason to hate on the character? He's not OP or anything that makes him that bad. I'm not saying he's perfect either. None of them are perfect. Also, Foxy's a good guy? Really? No. None of them are good. They are all antagonists. Seriously, that's just stupid.

I pick foxy, because he is so cool. Also, he is the best pirate fox I have ever seen! Foxy is love foxy is life, people betta believe how much foxy is the greatest, no matter what. I think foxy is my bae too! #what does the foxy say?

I got no idea why people like Foxy better though Puppet started it all. He's so overrated but he's my favorite character, but still I don't know why people like him. Theory: just because he's a fox pirate. He just runs to the office and and peeks at the player. Has he ever heard of PRIVACY?! I mean like, he's just so overrated. - RainbowArtist191

In case you haven't seen how Foxy looks in MuikuMuikuDance (MMD) animations, Foxy is by far the best, and I'm not just talking about looks. I can relate to his personality. He's a loner and just wants some attention every once in a while. Like me, he enjoys little songs to sing to ignore the reject and pain inside. He was framed for things he didn't do and doesn't deserve to be hated. Only a heartless person would think he's evil. Like many others, I say that Foxy is a good guy. He grows worried about you not being around the pizzeria and runs to your office to check in on you. Clearly, Foxy is the best Five Nights at Freddy's character.

I think foxy is number one because he is different he hides in the shadows because no one is friends with him and he is lonely and he is like a human being and he is the one that gets bossed around by freddy and the gang. he is special he is the one he is NUMBER 1 and that's why I think he is number 1.

I like Foxy because he is a pirate and when he attacks you in the first game, he doesn't get in your face he just leans in. The second reason is because he is the most beloved character in the series and a lot of people say that he is a good guy.

I don't like foxy he's not scary but bonnie he is always scary foxy sings dum dee de dum but Chica she's annoying she said pizza have watched how to make five nights at Freddy's not scary Chica says pizza so many times but when your in a pickle with bonnie and in back stage bonnie looks in your eyes in the camera

Foxy is the best because he doesn't jump in your face and HEY! You bums who reckon he waists all your power are WRONG! There's a damn way! From night 3 onwards you just check the lights, look on Foxy then super quickly look on Freddy then pull the camera down and wait 3 seconds. You just repeat that and you on to night 6!

The reason Foxy is my favourite is because well first off, I love foxes, and second, I'm a huge fan of pirates (I actually wanted to be one when I grew up at one point). Do I believe he's a good guy? Somewhat, considering his jumpscare in the second game, it's clear he's not trying to embrace, but remember, fnaf 2 takes place further back in time, and my theory is the animatronics spirits are the kids that bullied Crying Child, which would mean Foxy was the older brother. I think he's good in the first FNaF because of Mike. Remember, Foxy caused the Bite of '83, and he never forgave himself for that (though I think the child forgave the bullies, considering he becomes Marionette and gives life to them) Mike was the victim of the '87 bite, so my theory is Mike reminds Foxy of his younger brother from so long ago, which explains his different jump scare, gives Mike a heart attack, and the reason it shows him stuffed in a suit afterwards is the other animatronics dragged his body over ...more

Everyone really loves Foxy. I mean he's really isolated but that's why everyone loves him! He's so bad ass to with his skin torn. It's like everyone is terrified to other characters but Foxy is the most loved.

Foxy has always been my favorite. He gives me and my family a very very big jump scare! Markiplier never saw him coming!

I love freddy he a good guy I hate how people think he's bad. I want him as a puppy or friend. we can plan things out because than I'm not BORED

I love foxy he's not that scary only golden freddy scared me but hands down he's very strong in my opinion I love the color red I like foxes I don't like pirates that much and I feel bad that he's lonely and his voice may be broken but pull himself apart just fine

I don't know why he is my favorite but I would like to hug him.