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21 Fan

At first, I was thinking about voting for Mationette, but when I got down here, I realized that this is the only true option.

In each game, there is a whole host of new characters. In the first game is the originals, second game gives us the withers and toys, third game gives us Springtrap and the phantoms, while the fourth gives us the Nightmares. While Golden Freddy has been here all along, throwing hallucinations at us, no one has truly stood up for us like the fan.

The fan has been there for each and every game, and it is always standing up for us. It has been there with us through thick and thin, and has never let us down (unless you count the power outages in FNAF1, but let's be honest, that's our fault). The fan has been there, helping us stay calm, cool, and collected throughout our daunting trials, even to the point of keeping us sane in the third game. No one has stood up for us like that, not even the Phone Guy, who didn't even show up in the fourth game ...more

This amazing propeller of air is your only friend. It doesn't kill you, and is always with you. It hangs around and is the only thing that's always been there for all four games. It just helplessly watches as Freddy and his friends rip you apart and shove you into a suit. It keeps you cool as you sweat due to panic as you try your hardest to avoid death. It's just so peaceful. Just sitting there, serving as a reminder not everything electronic is evil. Although I don't think the fan counts as a character, it's still your only friend in the nightmares of Fazbear Entertaniment

Let's be honest, the fan is the one thing that has been with you for all 4 games. Not only is it the only electronic thing in every game that doesn't kill you, but it's also something to make sure you're not alone. Not even the monitor can argue with that the monitor only shows pictures on who's gonna kill ya first, and didn't even visit you in FNAF 4.
Plus, the fan is very underrated! Who needs the ripped up Foxy or the "Hey I'm in a box! " Marionette? We have a fan, it's time to bring Fan to the top. Poor fan, no one ever loved him...

I'M COLD - Puppytart

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22 Nightmare Nightmare

Nightmare really is an interesting character. In my opinion, Nightmare is probably one of the scariest characters in game four. Not only is his character design amazingly detailed and terrifying, but his in-game mechanics are unique.

Nightmare doesn't have any set limits or even a set role, like the other animatronics featured in the games... the original four being interactive robotic mascots.

He is customized, and this targets the boy. His characteristics are determined by the boy's imagination.

One of the scarier parts about Nightmare is the sense of fear and the unknown that he gives us... all the other nightmares were based off of previous animatronics that we (the players) have seen, while Nightmare is just... there. We see no previous evidence of Nightmare existing, and we don't see some type of past counterpart. He just suddenly appears, and the more the scarier in this game. He is... a personal nightmare.

Keep on being you Nightmare. We appreciate ...more - ConspiracyCat

Nightmare is really an intresting character. Nightmare only exists because of the Kid, he is not known to any other being on the planet except for the FNaF4 child he does not exist outside of this boy's mind
(except for us... *gulp*)

He does not have set characteristics like Chica, Fredbear, Foxy etc. Who are featured as interactive characters at there respective pizzerias.

Nightmare is the customised being that specifically targets this boy and is characteristics are determined by the Boy.

He does not exist outside of the Boy's dreams. He is a character that the boy (unwillingly) created. He is his personal Nightmare.

Heck he does an amazing job at it though. No denying that, Nightmare is fantastic!

Nightmare is probably my third or fourth favorite character

Nightmare is cool and if you have seen the fnaf 4 vs sister location nightmare like eats them all like whole

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23 Ballora (Sister Location) Ballora (Sister Location)

She is the scariest one. Man, Sister Location's cast was so good. Great personalities and Nightmare fuel. Ballora and Freddy were the scariest ones in the game. Whenever her music plays, I get SO TENSE. - DCfnaf

She always closes her eyes, so I assume that she always feels sleepy (just like me). She closes them even she is dancing in the trailer. by the way, I am a sleepyhead. If you ask me to describe her with 2 adjectives, I will say creepy and sleepy.

The blind ballerina the elegant mistress oh ballora love your music box crumbling dreams its like a lullaby

She is the most gorges and no one can deny that she is a beast lel

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24 Balloon Boy Balloon Boy

Sure he is annoying with his laughter and all, but hey! Blame it all on foxy! X3

I personally enjoy just what I imagine him doing in the day, just going around giving kids balloons and always laughing and making parents either smile or be crepped out. Plus, he's one of the greatest ways to end your game just by getting in.

Oh? You guys are telling me you hate the guy whose voice you rely on to survive in FNaF 3? Works for me!

BB is me!

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25 Withered Foxy

Every time he's in the hallway-It immediately twists my stomach. - WitheredBonnie

When he's in the hallway you gotta keep on flashing the light at him every now and then to repel them away.

He is cool because he will just appear

I just love foxy

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26 Withered Golden Freddy

I love phantom foxy he's my second favourite

He is the best!

Umm.. this is witherd golden freddy you know?

He is so not skary ha ha ah

27 Phantom Foxy

I love Foxy but I hate THIS!

That is the bomb!

He looks wicked


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28 Withered Chica

She's the creepiest one, I mean come on... SHE HAS NO EYEBROWS! AA--

Withered chica looks awesome in my opinion because her mouth piece is broken and she has many layers of teeth. It brings so much attention to the jaw piece instead of her natural appearance. Chicas hands are really cool how its just wires but it is kind of ridiculous. I want to see her beak missing and an eye missing with her left arm off.
That would make her way nor aggressive but I am impressed with how she came out

I don't know why, but Chica is way more aggressive than Bonnie when I play the mobile version. Once, I had a glitch where she killed me for no reason at all. No lie.

I love all chicas! STOP HATERS! J U S T STOP HATING KK?

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29 New Freddy

I think Toy Freddy is a little under rated in my eyes at least =(

I think that Toy Freddy looks better than the other Freddy. And... It's hard to explain, he's just my favorite.

He's skin is lighter than old freddy and I don't know I think he's that awesome!

Whenever toy freddy jumpscares I always think he's so innocent and harmless and cute

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30 Scott Cawthon

I we all should be thankful for him to make the game and put this effort into the story behind it!

Thank you for this game Scott Cawthon it is awesome!

He is NOT a character in the game. - MinecraftHater

Thank you Scott! For making the FNAF games! Awesome guy you are! - DatFoxxieLists

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31 Endoskeleton

Maybe he is Golden Freddy's missing endoskeleton! Probably one day "Andy-or Tony" Decided that he wanted to be creepy all by himself and jumped right out of Golden Freddy! - WitheredBonnie

I named him tony because he is iron man!

What is the endoskeleton seriously

Totally agree with WitheredBonnie!

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32 Candy The Cat

For those who don't know, Candy is in this fan made game called "Five Nights at Candy's" with 8 characters here are there names:

Cindy the Cat, Candy's twin sister.

Chester the Chimpanzee.

Peppy the Penguin.


Shadow Candy.

Old Candy.

Blank, a animatronic you can draw on.

And Reverse Puppet, he looks like Marionette, but has blue make-up, and he's frowning.

(Candy is a boy by the way.)

I thought Candy was named Sugar! What..-. But still, cool character!

Maybe Sugar is Toy Candy... I imagine Sugar as a girl though...

Candy is a cat. What's not to like?

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33 Nightmare Fredbear Nightmare Fredbear

Nightmare Fredbear is So Scary He Has Teeth On His Stummach He Is The Boss In Night 5 Although Nightmare Is The Boss In Night 8 He Still Will Kill You In A Horrifying Dream His Purple Bow Tie, Purple Hat And Button That May Look Cute But Don't Let It Fool You In Your Head You Should Be Screaming While Nightmare Fredbear Goes Ha Ha Ha

This is the only version of Fredbear We Have Seen...

Night Fred or nightmare fredbear is cool!

Nightmare fredbear is so cool

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34 Toy Chica Toy Chica

I like toy chica because she can be very helpful when foxy is always in your hall but also the fact that she can take her eyes and beak out is super cool and a great way to make her look more are

Chica the best. I love all chica non are my favorite chica. I loaf them all.=)

Toy chica is not supposed to look like a chicken, she is supposed to resemble a chicken. Just because she's sexy doesn't mean she's not a chicken.

Super overrated!

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35 Shadow Freddy Shadow Freddy

Shadow freddy is obviously the coolest it's like a mixture of golden freddy and purple guy which does explain some part of the story when purple guy wore these kind of suits

I just putted purple freddy on the list! THERE IS THE PROBLEM

He's purple pluslook at the bottem for spring trap I made it

Their is no problem with putting Shadow Freddy on the list. 😊

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36 Nightmarionne Nightmarionne

Just look at him!

It's kinda creepy face is kinda funny!

#Music Box Comes Back

Very scary

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37 Phantom Mangle

I HATE MANGLE#NO MORE MANGLE 4 LIFE! Oh and person who say mangle boy. Well mangle she. Oh and did I mention I HATE MANGLE!

He's cool because he's the underdog

No he is not Plus it is a she

Mangle is a boy. COME AT ME BRAINLESS FANGIRLS! - MinecraftHater

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38 Withered Bonnie

I feel really sorry for him since normal Bonnie is my favorite but I've pretty much gotten used to him not having a face. He's allot more terrifying in this form and I like that. I think the saddest part is Balloon Boy is higher on this list than withered Bonnie!

Withered Bonnie should at least be in the top 5 why is he number 20

This should be the order: #1 withered Bonnie #2 spring trap (golden Bonnie) #3 Bonnie #4 nightmare Bonnie #5 toy bonnie

He's my favorite carecter

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39 The Desk Plushies

What do I got to say there awesome

They're in the first and second game people

They are real now

God he's so cute! I wish he would go to hell! And die, he's so cute! (Markeplier FNaF 4) - BonnieRules

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40 Toy Freddy Toy Freddy

Now before you guys say "why the duck did you put toy Freddy for #4 spot" this is because I'm not one of you selfish walking 1 dimensional bleach-face toy Freddy haters and also HE'S NOT FAT GUYS JUST BIG BONED

Even Scott himself is confused why Toy Freddy is gettin so much hate. Most people you ask say that he's fat, but that's kinda an insult to obese people.

Toy Freddy used to be tied 1st with Foxy, Freddy, and Golden Freddy. but since from what most sources show he has the least amount of people who have him as their favourite, and now he's been able to in my favorites push that little bit up to surpass the others


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