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41 Baby (Sister Location) V 2 Comments
42 Fredbear

The dude who attacked a kid in 1987 and became Golden Freddy. Awesome. - DCfnaf

Fredbear was around in 1983 so he couldn't of done the bite of 87 but he's still awesome

His teeth though. All bloody and awesome looking!

Coolest guy

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43 Phantom Chica V 4 Comments
44 Plush Trap

Plus they needed another version a cuter version.

He is a cute little spring trap

He doesn't threatening at first but he is dangerous and mysterious


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45 Crying Child

I love the ghost children. I also like Purple Guy. I also like Skrillex and Coldplay. Not human, heh.

You mean puppets ghost? Or ghost children?

This is cute. Why does everyone hate himÉ

So sad :( pore crying child

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46 The Cupcake

The cupcake looks yummy but I would take the eyes out first

At the end of the fifth call he's blinking-pretty scary

His name is Carl and I think he's the cutest one :3

I love chuca and her cupcake. I mean who don't? And please no haters on chica. If u had no chica u would have no cupcake to. So no more chica haters? Good.

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47 Jeremy Fitzgerald Jeremy Fitzgerald

I think he's the killer. He's the most likely candidate for the bite of 87, considering that he took the day shift, and then he doesn't come back the last night. How does that fit in? Mangle is the most likely biter for the bite of 87 and I think she and Foxy witnessed the murder, hence Foxy being able to see through masks, but mangle can't do it because her scanner is damaged. But since she recognized his face, she bit into his skull like chica would bite into pizza.

He is the security guard employed by Freddy Fazbear's Pizza who worked the Midnight to 6 AM shifts from Sunday, November 8th, 1987 to Friday, November 13th, 1987 before being moved to the day shift

He is the best night guard


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48 Carlton
49 Mangle's Second Head

My theory is that it is not a parrot maybe it is or it's half of the cupcake's face so that's why mangle has another head or when the children damaged the helmet it cracked half way and the children took it out that's my theory

I'm pretty sure that the mangles left head is a parrot because she is a toy version of foxy so she could be a pirate also with a parrot on her shoulder like a regular pirate would have

It's not a parrot or a baby foxy because in fnaf world teaser when u look at mangle (not broken ) there's no parrot on her shoulder.


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50 New Phone Guy V 4 Comments
51 Old Bonnie

He don't have any face what makes him awesome!

Withered Bonnie is already on the list peeps

No face equals awesome


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52 Animdude

He is cool and powerful in fnaf world update 2 and a bad ass as a hard mode boss

The boss of FNAF World!

Good in fnaf world

Fnaf World?

53 New Night Guard V 3 Comments
54 Eyeless Foxy

Eyeless foxy is cool but better with glasses

I like foxy and trains

That is the best foxy!

Wow peeps this is stupid

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55 Bon-Bon Bon-Bon

I love Bon Bon it is very funny when Bon Bon hits the door

Isn't bon-bon a girl?

He is aDOORable


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56 Phantom Balloon Boy

*hears his name then screams and runs away*

I'm REALLY sorry but HE GIVES ME THE CREEPS! FUNKY MONKEYS! BAH! I mean it! He just like golden freddy but like a normal death animation! This makes the normally adorable balloon boy the scariest animatronic. I MEAN IT! fishy meme

-sees horror attraction burn down. literaly teleports everyone out. sees pbb.- NOPE. -teleports him inside so he can burn in hell- NOPENOPENOPE.

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57 Phantom Mangle

I HATE MANGLE#NO MORE MANGLE 4 LIFE! Oh and person who say mangle boy. Well mangle she. Oh and did I mention I HATE MANGLE!

He's cool because he's the underdog

No he is not Plus it is a she

Mangle is a boy. COME AT ME BRAINLESS FANGIRLS! - MinecraftHater

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58 Nightmare Foxy Nightmare Foxy

He is not scary just like the original foxy

He's cool but not best foxy

This is the best yay!

He's my brother

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59 Shadow Bonnie Shadow Bonnie

Hey guys just to say when I was making five nights at Freddy's 2 it had an error in it I did nothing until it stopped and then When I finished the game I played it before it came out when I look in the parts and service room on night 3 there was shawdow bonnie but I did not make did someone hack my account or did the error make it Its your turn to find out and if smike saw this good job on finding secrets I knew about and I don't know about

There are animatronics hallucinations, where is the bare endoskeleton

It's actually shadow Chica and not shadow bonnie, I mean look at its teeth!

I think Shadow Bonnie/RWQFSFASXC is actually pretty cool, it's kind of hard to think of to think of it/them as a hallucination but it's also hard to think of it/them as a real animatronic. Why I think RWQFSFASXC is cool? I don't know just is.

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60 Old Freddy

Old Freddy is my number one characters because I like it how he is in your office and he stares into your soul, his death screen is interesting, because in the end of the jumpscare the background is black, and also he doesn't bother me much while I have to deal with any of the other animatronics. HE'S AWESOME!

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