Best Characters in Flight of the Navigator

Flight of the Navigator is a 1986 Disney film about a boy who is transported by an alien spaceship 8 years into a future where everything has aged except him.
The Top Ten
1 David Scott Freeman

David Freemen is twelve years old, and lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. David befriends a computer named Max, his captor who takes him to 1986 (he lives in 1978). David is kind-hearted and brave, and takes on the role of "The Navigator". His family is Jeff Freeman (brother) and Bill and Helen Freeman (parents). David also befriends a young NASA intern, Carolyn McAdams. David is portrayed by Joey Cramer.

Joey Cramer overacted, but the character's still awesome

2 Max (Trimaxium Drone Ship)

Max is the wisecracking, robotic commander, an alien from the planet Phaelon. Max is extremely intelligent and programmed to speak thousands of languages. Max is taken for study by NASA, and needs the assistance of a twelve-year-old boy to escape and receive star charts programmed into the boy (David). Max is equipped with a light-speed spacecraft, and enjoys new specimens. Max is voiced by Paul Reubens.

The visuals during the flight scenes used to awe me as a kid

I have a crush on him!

3 Carolyn McAdams

Carolyn is a young NASA intern who enjoys chatting and a band called Twisted Sister. Carolyn befriends David Freeman- and helps him escape NASA after Faraday tries to keep him longer than promised. Her job is to operate R.A.L.F. Carolyn is portrayed by Sarah Jessica Parker.

I speculate this is the girl David crushed on in the previous timeline

4 Jeff Freeman

Jeff is David's brother- a bratty eight-year-old in 1978, but quite a decent sixteen-year-old (with very 80s' hair) in 1986. Jeff is portrayed by Matt Alder.

"Well well, it's my little big brother!"

5 Helen Freeman

Veronica Cartwright delivers yet again

David's mother. Portrayed by Veronica Carthwright.

6 Bill Freeman

David's father. Portrayed by Cliff De Young.

A really awesome dad

7 Dr. Louis Faraday

Dr. Faraday is the "head honcho" of NASa. He's sneaky and dishonest. Faraday does not treat the NASA scientists with respect, in my opinion. Dr. Faraday is portrayed by Howard Hesseman.

The main antagonist of film

8 Jennifer Bradley

The girl David crushes on

9 Puckmarin

He is a little alien creature that Max lets David keep. (He's so adorable. )

10 R.A.L.F

His name stands for Robotic Assistant Laboror Facilitator. It is Carolyn McAdams's job to operate him. He's a NASA robot.

The Contenders
11 Dr. Carr

A scientist working for the villain

12 Detective Banks

The detective at the police station who helps David locate his family members.

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