Top Ten Best Characters from Full House and the Brady Bunch

The Top Ten

1 Stephanie Tanner - Full House
2 Joey Gladstone - Full House

The blonde man rules!

3 Alice Nelson - The Brady Bunch

Oh Alice. Is there anything you can't teach us?

4 Carol Brady - The Brady Bunch
5 Danny Tanner - Full House

He is just a simple guy!

6 Cindy Brady - The Brady Bunch
7 Jesse Katsopolis - Full House

The most cool guy in comedies

8 Greg Brady - The Brady Bunch
9 Marcia Brady - The Brady Bunch

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! Marcia Brady should move to the #1 spot, not Michelle Tanner. - jeanniefan76

Greg Brady: “Dear diary, at last I met him, my dream man, it was at the delicatessen and our fingers tingled as we reached over for the same potato salad.”
[the boys laugh]
Marcia Brady: [shouts] I have never written any ridiculous thing like that in my diary!
Peter Brady: You didn't?
Marcia Brady: [shouts] I should say not!
Greg Brady: Then, why are you afraid that somebody might read it?
Marcia Brady: None of your business. - welliewishersfan78

10 Becky Katsopolis - Full House

She's one of my favorite actresses
the beautiful caring romantic

The Contenders

11 Jan Brady - The Brady Bunch

Jan should be #1, not Stephanie. - welliewishersfan78

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! - welliewishersfan78

12 Michelle Tanner - Full House

She's should be #1 she's so cute

13 Mike Brady - The Brady Bunch
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