Top 10 Characters on Hannah Montana

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1 Jackson Stewart

Hannah Montana is great T.V. show, and if it ain't for Jackson, the show is nothing, seriously. The others are also great in their acting, but nothing is funny and watchable like Jacksons

he is funny behaves like an idiot but I look his clownish behavior he rocks man he should go down in history as 1 of the best actors ever he is my favorite actor

He is like the ONLY reason why I watch the show. If his acting was better and he had a awesome show, I would maybe watch it

Good brother at heart. I remember watching this show when I was 7 he always made me laugh

2 Lilly Truscott

I LOVE LILLY! She is so pretty and nice and extreme! LOLLIVER FOR LIFE!
2 seconds later...
Random person: Hello is dis 911? Someone who is stupid is broken. come over now

actually she's the only good character on the show xD

She is the cute and best actress in this series

She gets a little more annoying every series but series 1 Lilly is my favourite character in the entire show! :)

3 Oliver Oken

Oliver keeps his jokes (and stupidity) fresh and that's what I like about him. Jackson can be a little over the top sometimes and is too immature to be funny but he's still a great character. Miley is not funny at all and is annoying!

Haha Oliver is so funny because he can be serious and nice and also can be really stupid but its funny because he doesn't try to be funny unlike Jackson Stewart.

Sorry Miley But I just watched the locker man episode were the locker opens up and hits him on the head I was LAUGHING so hard I fell of my chair

I liked Mitchel Musso in series 2. I shipped lolliver since the very first episode! I love olly

4 Miley Stewart (Hannah Montana) Miley Ray Stewart is the fictional main character in the Disney Channel television series Hannah Montana, portrayed by Miley Cyrus.

Miley has been the star sincethe start and she has been the main character all the time love her

She is very cool and I like her song very very much she is awesome

I wouldn't watch this show if it wasn't for Miley!

Miley dance better than everybody on the show

5 Rico Suave

Not only he's hot, smart and cute, but he makes the show better with his wits.

He's a evil little kid

Please make him 1

I really think he is an important part of the series because of his strong personality. he has a superior complex, but has also a lot of insecurities.

6 Roxy Roker

Why did they get rid of her?

Roxy like a puma!

7 Robby Stewart

He always been a best friend of HANNAH/MILEY, he is funny as well

He is so sweet and caring and always teaches Miley a lesson. I love him

8 Amber Addison
9 Ashley DeWitt
10 Jake Ryan
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11 Jessie

Let's face it... he was way better than Jake!

Team Jesse for the win!

12 Lola Luftnagle

My fave fictional alter ego!

13 Sarah (Hannah Montana)
14 Susan Stewart
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