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21 Greg Heffley (Diary of a Wimpy Kid) Greg Heffley (Diary of a Wimpy Kid)

Rodrick should torment Caillou

Greg: I can't believe you still watch Caillou? I haven't watched that since Kindergarten!
Rowley: Well, my parents suck and don't even let me watch Y7 shows! They think Y7 shows have too much violence.
Greg: You're in the NINTH GRADE!

22 UolliaC (GoAnimate)

UolliaC should beat up Caillou

UolliaC should yell really loud at Caillou.

UolliaC LOL Caillou what


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23 Swiper (Dora the Explorer) Swiper (Dora the Explorer)

He would swipe his toys - EpicJake

I'd bet swiper could change his name to snipper and snip caillou.

24 House (House M.D.)

House will makes a great doctor in the Caillou episode, Caillou goes to the doctor.

House M.D. Edition

25 Saitama (One Punch Man) Saitama (One Punch Man) Saitama is the main protagonist of the webcomic and anime series One Punch Man, who could easily destroy a continent with one punch. He is bored with his extreme power. He is registered with the Heroes Association as a C-Class Superhero and is tasked to defend Z-City against Mysterious Beings.

*sees Caillou bald* "He stole my hairstyle! " - SelfDestruct

26 L (Death Note) L (Death Note) L Lawliet, exclusively known by the mononym L, is a fictional character in the manga series Death Note, created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.
27 Peppa Pig (Peppa Pig) Peppa Pig (Peppa Pig)

She would annoy him with her oinking - EpicJake

It Doesn't Really Matter Because They Are Both Spoiled.

No, Peppa is worse than him!

28 Arthur Read (Arthur)

Arthur Will Punch Caillou.

He can punch Caillou like he did to DW.

He will punch Caillou just like he did to D.W.

Well it doesn't matter because their both spoiled

29 Princess Daisy (Super Mario) Princess Daisy (Super Mario) Princess Daisy is a fictional character in the Mario series of video games, in which she is the princess of the fictional region of Sarasaland. more.

What! Are you kidding me! Princess daisy is wven more worse than caillou

Hi, I'm Daisy!

30 Vash the Stampede (Trigun) Vash the Stampede (Trigun) Vash the Stampede, also simply referred as Vash, is the main protagonist and the titular character of Trigun, an anime and manga series created by Yasuhiro Nightow.

Vash the stampede will steal doughnuts from that selfish little brat!

31 Waluigi (Mario series) Waluigi (Mario series) Waluigi is a selfish, greedy man who works closely with the infamous Wario. He is Luigi's rival and is known as the opposite of him. Waluigi first appeared in the Gameboy Color game, Mario Tennis as Wario's partner. He has appeared in every Mario Tennis game since, still remaining as Wario's wicked more.

Waluigi is thicc

32 Ein (Cowboy Bebop) Ein (Cowboy Bebop)

Ein will scare and chase Caillou

33 Humping Robot (Robot Chicken)

That should be put on Caillou's Facebook

That would be hilarious!

Imagine him just humping caillou - Fireboy

34 Raphael (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

He'll stab him with his sais - Jay12

35 Sylvester The Cat (Looney Tunes)

Caillou;throwing tantrums) Waaahh!
Sylvester:aw shut up! (Smacks Caillou with a mallet)

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36 Rocko Rama (Rocko's Modern Life)
37 Johnny Test

Caillou is even more whiny than him! - Ededdneddyfan55

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38 Jerry (Tom and Jerry) Jerry (Tom and Jerry) Jerry Mouse is a fictional character and one of the title characters in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's series of Tom and Jerry theatrical cartoon short films. He is a mouse that gets chased by Tom, but tries to trick him so he won't catch him .

He will get annoyed by Caillou's whining and will hit him with a mallet 'til he's dead.

Dude, Jerry is a girl. She has a child and acts like a brat to Tom.

39 Elmo (Sesame Street) Elmo (Sesame Street) Elmo is a Muppet character on the children's television show Sesame Street. He is a furry red monster with a falsetto voice, who hosts the last full fifteen-minute segment on Sesame Street, "Elmo's World", which is aimed at toddlers.

Elmo will send out Teletubbies and attack Caillou

40 Coco Labouche

She hates all kids. - Discord1

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