Top 10 Characters From Hoodwinked! & Hoodwinked Too!

For this list, we will be counting down the top characters from the Hoodwinked movies; both the first and its sequel.
The Top Ten
Red Puckett

Main protagonist who in the first movie takes Granny's recipe book to her to keep it safe from the Goodie Bandit only to find herself in a series of unfortunate events eventually learning of Granny's secret of being an extreme thrill seeker and later after finding out that it was Boingo behind the recipes being stolen tries to stop him on her own but is easily bested by him and is forced into a cable car filled with dynamite which is set to blow up part of the forest but is rescued by Granny she, Granny and Wolf are later recruited by Nicky as part of the Happily Ever After Agency.

Wolf W. Wolf

A reporter who becomes suspicious of Red and Granny's possible involvement with the Goodie Bandit thievery and tries to bust them only to end up helping them stop Boingo from putting his evil plan in motion Wolf's main way of getting things done is by using disguises to get the information he needs as seen in the sequel where he and Red are forced to team up when Granny is kidnapped during a rescue mission though the two buttheads with each wanting to do things their way rather then work as a team.


Wolf's partner who speaks incredibly fast likely from drinking too much coffee who is always their to lend a hand by taking pictures for evidence or even reaching the police to the whereabouts to the goodie bandits.

Nicky Flippers

A mysterious individual who shows up and interviews each of the four characters to get a clear picture of what went on between them who later is revealed to be part of the Happily Ever After Agency who recruits Red, Granny and Wolf to help help solve crimes and help other characters find their happily ever after.

Abigail Puckett

Red's grandmother who aside from owning her own goodie shop she secretly is a thrill seeker who enjoys extreme sports which upset Red for not only keeping her extreme lifestyle a secret but also making her stay home and be her happy little delivery girl preventing her from being able to go out into the world and be free.


Main antagonist of the first movie who who along with his group have been stealing recipes from the other characters forcing them to go out of business and plans to add his own personal formula to make his goodies incredibly addictive and make him successful and be the only goodie store owner in the forest and despite his looks he's quite vicious when it comes to combat as he easily defeats Red.

Kirk Kirkendall

The woodcutter who is actually an actor who contributes the least amount to the actually story and is mostly their for comic relief in the sequel Kirk follows his dream of traveling with the Happy Yodelers and they end up helping Red and Wolf rescue Granny.

Japeth the Goat

The singing goat cursed by a witch and now has to sing everything he says who meets up with Red and attempts to help her get to Granny's in the sequel he's sadly reduced to being a running gag as a punching bag getting repeatedly crushed by one thing or another.

Verushka Van Vine

An evil witch who kidnaps and holds Hansel and Gretel hostage and later kidnaps Granny as its revealed that she and her have a shared past who were part of the Sisters of the Hood and Verushka became jealous and resentful of Granny for always besting her and for being able to make the super truffle and has kidnapped Granny in order to force he to make the super truffle and its also revealed that Hansel and Gretel are the real masterminds behind the operation though once they find out the secret ingredient to make the super truffle they turn on Verushka leaving her in the dust while they put their evil plan in motion Verushka eventually has a change of heart and helps the heroes stop the pair.

Chief Grizzly

Voiced by Xzibit who attempts to get to the bottom of situation involving Red, Granny, Wolf and Kirk while also trying to get to the identity of the goodie bandit and is a bit impatient and quick to accuse any of the characters of being the prime suspect.

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Jimmy 10-Strings
The Giant
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