Top Ten Characters from House of Anubis

The Top Ten

1 Amber Millington

First of all, she is hot, second of all, she is funny, and third of all, she always wants to look perfect. - AndrewMc_27

2 Willow Jenks
3 Nina Martin
4 Patricia Williamson
5 Fabian Rutter
6 Mara Jaffray
7 Jerome Clarke
8 Alfie Lewis

Oh my goodness! This show-some of the crappiest acting in the world, but it was the most addicting thing ever! I wonder what happened to it, lol. Anyways, I didn't love Alfie, but I REALLY didn't love Jerome a lot more. So I'm just trying to knock him down a spot.

Oh man, that part in the finale when someone goes "How do you feel Alfie? " and he responds "Evil. Very very evil." -that was pricelessly horrible. And yet, I still watched it to its finale, haha! - keycha1n

9 Joy Mercer
10 Eddie (Edison) Miller (Sweet)

The Contenders

11 KT Rush
12 Mick Cambell
13 Poppy Clarke
14 Piper Williamson
15 Benjy
16 Victor Rodenmaar Jr.
17 Trudy Rehmann
18 Rufus Zeno
19 Vera Devenish
20 Jasper
21 Ms.Denby
22 Harriet Denby
23 Robert Frobisher Smythe
24 Sarah Frobisher Smythe
25 Victor Rodenmaar Sr.
26 Senkhara
27 Mrs.Andrews
28 Mr.Winkler
29 John Clarke
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