Top Ten Characters from Incredibles 2

I can’t wait to watch the movie so far the trailer is good

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1 Jack Jack

Not surprised that this adorable bundle of many powers got the top spot.

If there's a 3rd film, he needs less screentime overall (basically less of what he got in I2 (which was over 60% of the whole film, but more than what he got in the first film which I think was around 30%, maybe 20%), plus we need to see how Helen handles his powers, and if she can handle him better than Bob did. - VioletParr89

2 Violet Parr Violet Parr is a fictional character from The Incredibles and Incredibles 2. The movies follow her and her family as superheros, living in a world where superheros are known as destructive and must abide only by their secret identities. Violet has the power of invisibility (reflecting her quiet personality) more.

Violet is so cute, smart, intelligent, could calm Jack-Jack, has cool powers, and a tall teenager

Cute, adorable and a relate-able character regardless of any age, somewhere deep inside of all of us, we have our own Shrinking Violets that we must overcome, sometimes we grow out of our shells...other times...not so much.

Hopefully she's the main character going into the third film, I2 was brimming with hints of her taking over as the main focus in the next film (you got the VioletXTony situation that needs resolving (and needs to be done in a way that doesn't repeat Tony being the same exact Satellite Love Interest as he was in the last two films (first film was fine as it was his introduction to the series, 2nd film was kind of semi-unnecessary but easily understandable at
the same time (as he needed background development on his personal life), same goes with her likely team-up with Voyd and then of course how does Violet deals with the impact of Supers being legal again, but also traveling around the world as her first ever mission (it would give those international ...more - VioletParr89

My favorite character from this film.

As a normal girl, she depicts a girl with a crush who is constantly annoyed by Dash.
Then BAMM, she turns into a superhero who helps save the earth.
I love her, Helen, and Jack Jack the most 😍

3 Dash

Should be taken down a spot or two, as the 2nd film pretty much made him a one-comedy wonder (and useless up until the climax), although if he gets a major storyline in the third film (him becoming more responsible and helping around the house in his sister's absence would be a drastic upgrade), he could regain that spot. - VioletParr89

I’ll never understand why people make lists like these before the movie comes out - MegaSoulhero

4 Mr. Incredible Robert "Bob" Parr, also known as Mr. Incredible, is the protagonist of The Incredibles and is the deuteragonist of Incredibles 2.

Should be #3.

He's pretty much the MVP for best father, at least he didn't let the house become a flaming mess like Kari did in the Jack-Jack Attack. - VioletParr89

I like him the most because he is the oldest boy. I love him.

He is strong.

5 Mrs. Incredible
6 Frozone
7 Edna Mode Edna Mode is a fictional character from Pixar's Incredibles Franchise. She is a well-known suit designer for super heroes of all kind. She has a slightly spunky attitude and firmly believes that your costume should be powerful, while still looking good.
8 The Underminer

He'll definitely be back in Incredibles 3, no doubt about it! - VioletParr89

9 Voyd

This should be a character to watch out for in Incredibles 3, especially with the right script and the likely possibility of her teaming up with Violet, plus Voyd was rather underused in I2 (which leads me to believe she'll get the Violet treatment in I3 (and no, not being the main character, but rather getting the same screentime as Violet did in I2). - VioletParr89

She is ridiculously stupid looking - LiamMurphy

No she isn’t! She’s powerful. - Aquastar_of_DewClan

10 Helen Parr

Plus, seeing as Bob had his share of Jack-Jack babysitting, it's her turn to play housewife in a third film. - VioletParr89

Should be #5, seeing as she is Mrs. Incredible, so having two pages of her doesn't make sense. - VioletParr89

The Contenders

11 Winston Deavor
12 Evelyn Deavor (The Incredibles 2)

Another character (like Voyd) to keep an eye out for a possible Incredibles 3, while her backstory made her a bit sympathetic (which could very well make her a possible character who can be redeemed in a potential I3), her overall endgame in I2 was by far the worst written part of I2 by a landslide, and is one of Brad Bird's biggest mistakes in his entire career (it also contributed to her being one of the most hated Pixar characters ever).

Had she gone after the government (aka the ones responsible for the Supers ban in the first place instead of going after Supers who were already banned (like Syndrome did in the first film), she would have been better received and not nearly as hated as she is now.

Granted even if I3 redeems her, she'll still be hated, simply because of what I2 did to her character's image as a whole. - VioletParr89

She is an overhated villian - darthvadern

13 The Screenslaver
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