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1 Joel Joel is a major character and the playable protagonist of The Last of Us, the deuteragonist of The Last of Us Part II, and a supporting character in The Last of Us: Left Behind.

Badass character. A true survivor hunted by his past. Incredible development with every single character he encounters. Especially Ellie, Tommy, Bill and Henry. I still hope he will be a big element in Part 2.

Cold, cool, flamethrower, shotgun, able to survive a sniper in the head, multiple shots, even survived a pierce through the stomach. Oh yeah don't forget he also beat up a bunch of guys just to find Ellie. Respect man.

The most badass character I've ever seen in this video. He's been through a lot and this caused him too seem like a bad guy, but only because he can go as far as torturing someone for the care of someone else

Best character in video game history

2 Ellie Ellie is the deuteragonist of The Last of Us, the playable protagonist of The Last of Us Part II and The Last of Us: Left Behind, and the main character in The Last of Us: American Dreams.

Incredible story arc. It is very well shown how her feelings towards Joel change. Same with Riley in Left Behind. Can't wait to see what Part 2 holds.

Ellie was the heart and soul of the entire game. Since Part 2 was announced, it made me feel like the original game was setting up her story! I love Joel just as much, but if someone put a gun to my head and asked me to pick which of the two should live, I don't think I'd be able to continue the game without Ellie!

She was so helpful, trustworthy, smart, at times ruthless, and she was voiced by Ashley Johnson. She reminded me of Sarah, she filled Joel's gap in life left by Sarah's death. Plus I found her kind of cool. She reminded me of my girlfriend and she was kind of attractive.

This is who the Last Of Us is about. I couldn't chose between them so I just have to put them together.

3 Tess

She died too soon, we didn't see her character develop as much as Joel or Ellie but she noticeably goes from a smuggler going to survive, to a person who is actualy willing to go with Ellie across the country.

A character with incredibly vivid humanity, emotion, and depth once you look past her surface. Would loved to have seen more from her, especially with Joel. They absolutely had something between them beyond their professional relationship, and I would have loved to explore that further.

She shouldn't have died too awesome

A bad ass player

4 Tommy

A very awesome charcter and he is Joel's little brother.

one of the characters we see from the beginning . has a caring character

5 Sarah

A character who I really wish would have lived... which is why she left such as amazing impact of the story. A lot of “what if’s”... truth be told... was was too good for the world to come.

She's the most innocent, sweetest character out of the whole game. Why did she have to die man? >.<

Could we like... get a spin off with Sarah surviving? Lol

She was so adorable. Wish we got to know her better.

6 Bill

He seems like the most realistic person in the entire game... He wasn't created to manipulate the player into feeling a certain way, he was created to be the ultimate zombie apocalypse survivor. He's hardcore, he's clever, he's resourceful, he's creative, and even if he complains about it, he's still a nice guy who's willing to risk his life to help his friends.

A very hardcore player and can be funny at times.

A rely good fighter

He is so rude

7 David

The only interesting character in the game, the rest are boring

A helpful. Character in the game and a nice guy or is he

A very helpful charcter until... he finds out who Joel and Ellie killed... Uh oh

could have been a good guy if not a canniball and not enemies with joel and ellie

8 Marlene

Marlene is the Queen firefly. (The fireflys are a group).

The leadder of the fire flyes

9 Henry

Henry is the Sam's big brother.

10 Maria

Maria is Tommys wife.

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11 Sam

Sam is Henry's little brother.

12 Riley

Ellies best friend and they had a story together.

13 Robert
14 Jimmy

Joel's neighbor and the first infected we see

15 Jesse

a character who dies instantly ...he was awesome ...

16 Abby
17 Ethan
18 Lev
19 Clickers
20 James
21 Bloaters

They aore just really fun to kill

22 Frank
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