Best Characters In the Last of Us

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1 Joel Joel

The most badass character I've ever seen in this video. He's been through a lot and this caused him too seem like a bad guy, but only because he can go as far as torturing someone for the care of someone else

I'm sorry, but what the f*ck. How was Tess higher than Joel! I came here not knowing whether to pick Joel or Ellie, but seriously people! How could you not love this man, as brutal as he is?

2 Ellie Ellie

This is who the Last Of Us is about. I couldn't chose between them so I just have to put them together.

3 Tess

She shouldn't have died too awesome

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4 Tommy V 1 Comment
5 Sarah

The very frist character. you play as she is all so Joels daughter

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6 Bill

He seems like the most realistic person in the entire game... He wasn't created to manipulate the player into feeling a certain way, he was created to be the ultimate zombie apocalypse survivor. He's hardcore, he's clever, he's resourceful, he's creative, and even if he complains about it, he's still a nice guy who's willing to risk his life to help his friends.

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7 David

A helpful. Character in the game and a nice guy or is he

The only interesting character in the game, the rest are boring

A very helpful charcter until... he finds out who Joel and Ellie killed... Uh oh

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8 Marlene V 2 Comments
9 Henry V 1 Comment
10 Maria

The Contenders

11 Robert
12 Sam

Sam is Henry's little brother.

13 Ethan
14 James
15 Clickers
16 Riley
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1. Joel
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1. Joel
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1. Sarah
2. Ellie
3. Tommy

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