Top Ten Characters from the Lego Ninjago Movie

Another heartwarming Lego movie with endearing characters & excellent character development. Who was your favorite?

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1 Lloyd Lloyd

He was just very relatable, especially for kids. His dynamic with his mom and dad was great. There were some really great emotional moments from him. And I loved, loved the character development that he got. I also like how they subtly changed his role as the green ninja. Don't want to spoil anything but I'll just say, he finds his "inner piece" (oh Lego and their puns) and it's such a heartwarming message.

He showed how how much he cared for his friends in the movie. - PinkyPLayzGaming

Yea Lloyd is cool

To be honest with you, I thought this film was absolute garbage. But this list is good.

Mixing The Lego Movie and Ninjago really took out the charisma in both. And all of the originality that both series had offered was completely stripped away for this cliche, mindless, obnoxious sludge pile. - DCfnaf

Thanks. Yeah, it was disappointing. Sounds like your review will be scathing, lol.

2 Lord Garmadon Lord Garmadon

He is the most hilarious ham in this movie! For me, he was definitely the most entertaining character. His path to redemption was a lot of fun, but also quite touching. I do really like that they kept that from the show. That, in spite of being evil and totally out-of-touch, he still cares so much for his son. It's really sweet.

The firing scene rocks - Chuckbomb7

3 Cole Cole

He should be number 1! He loves music and he's so chill! He's the strongest and his powers are amazing! Cole ROCKS!

Lloyd is my favorite character in the series. But I hate Lloyd in the movie. Cole is the only one who stayed good.

I love that color scheme and his mech is AWESOME!


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4 Jay Jay

My mom is weird and collects sea shells. Your dad levels cities and attacks innocent people, so they all the corks you know? - Chuckbomb7

"my mom collects sea shell, and your dad wants to destroy." - Jay

I love jay

Quirky, and, as always, making funny observations. Kumail Nanjiani's accent added to the fun. But I liked his insecure, quiet personality here better than his life-of-the-party shtick in the T.V. show. Too bad the movie didn't have more Jay x Nya moments, that would have been adorable.

5 Kai Kai

I can't get over how adorable he was in this movie. That hug though.

6 Master Wu Master Wu

Jackie Chan was great as Master Wu! And I love how all through this movie there were parallels with the show. Even in how he trains the ninja.

7 Koko Koko

I MUCH prefer her portrayal in this movie over her portrayal in the show. Her character is handled SO much better. Her relationship with Lloyd & Garmadon as well. She's like Lloyd's Aunt May and has a lot of great moments where she shows kindness, strength, but also weakness. I also love her orange hair!

Always knew Garmadon was two-timing Misako... - TwilightKitsune

8 Nya Nya

Can I just say, her voice is SO much better here than in the show.


9 Zane Zane

I think he's the most epic ninja everrr

Ice is nice! - Chuckbomb7

10 General Olivia

The best general

The Contenders

11 Michael Strahan Michael Strahan
12 Mezmo
13 Dareth

Was Darth even in the movie..? - WindNinja11

14 General Number 1

Lol which one? There were like 100 of them - WindNinja11

15 Sensei Wu Sensei Wu
16 Sensei Garmadon
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