Best Characters In Les Miserables the Musical


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1 Eponine

Samantha Barks as Eponine was just amazing. Best actress ever. She reminds me a bit of Demi Lovato or Selena Gomez (She has the looks, the acting skills and the voice)

Eponine was amazing

To be honest, out of every single musical I have heard about and looked into and seen, no character has touched and moved me like Éponine. Her story is so tragic, and she is a character easy to fall in love with. Not to mention she has the best songs in the musical!

So relatable! Also, instead of being the typical jealous other who tries to destroy the relationship or being the other equally matched rival who is also nice, she is very relatable. I can relate to the fact that even if you like your crush, you still help him get to the one he loves for him to be happy because you like him, if that's making sense... - listotaku17

There is not doubt that Eponine is the best character. She sings truly amazing songs and is the only character that you really connect with and feel sorry for. You really want Cosette to die and Eponine and Marius to be together.

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2 Jean Valjean

How is Jean Valijean not #1? Jean Valijean is an amazing character. He just stands out from everyone else in the story. - listotaku17

3 Gavroche

He is so adorable, and yet so brave- he portrays the courage that many grown men lack.

He is so brave and although he died, he died for a cause he believed in.

Such a sweet, brave little role model! - samoodle


4 Thénardier

Yes, he may be an asshat but come on, your lying if Master of The House doesn’t get stuck in your head.

5 Enjolras
6 Javert

He is a man of the lord. He believes himself to be honorable, so when his views are proven wrong, he simply cannot take it. Also known as the Javert complex

Kaveri is a complicated character with a story to tell. I don't think he gets enough respect. He is just doing what he believes is right.

7 Cosette

I like her personality and her beutey

8 Fantine


9 Marius
10 Madame Thénardier

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11 Bishop

Bit too nice

12 Grantaire
13 Moiusure Thenardiar


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