Best Characters In Les Miserables the Musical


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1 Eponine

The victim of the cruel beast called Unrequited Love but Eponine remains caring, loving and warm-hearted. She is definitely my favourite character. I remember watching Samantha Barks auditioning to play Nancy in Oliver! She didn't get the part but I know she would have played her outstandingly; just as she plays Eponine. She is an incredible actress. - Britgirl

She is my favorite character you would be lying to yourself if you think Eponine is not the best character plus my school is doing the play Les Miserables and I play Eponine so yay but practically every girl in the cast has to play a lovely lady so that will suck for me but I am still happy to be playing Eponine plus I get to sing " On my own"

Samantha Barks as Eponine was just amazing. Best actress ever. She reminds me a bit of Demi Lovato or Selena Gomez (She has the looks, the acting skills and the voice)

I LOVE Eponine! She’s SO my favorite character! First her then Jean and Fantine are like tied at two and then Cosette is 4. But yeah. I’m so happy Eponine’s first!

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2 Enjolras

I love this man. He is the greatest thing to ever happen to the movie/ play/ book. Marius should be first with Enjolras right behind him. - SassyEquine

The charismatic leader of the rebellion is just as lovable as Gavroche. He was brave and courageous. How can you not love this man?

He’s got a pretty groovy do

3 Gavroche

He is so adorable, and yet so brave- he portrays the courage that many grown men lack.

He is so brave and although he died, he died for a cause he believed in.

Such a sweet, brave little role model! - samoodle

How is Gavroche not #1? This is outrageous! He was so cute, probably about 7 years old. Stupid Javert. He deserves to rot in hell for killing Gavroche.

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4 Jean Valjean

How is Jean Valijean not #1? Jean Valijean is an amazing character. He just stands out from everyone else in the story. - listotaku17

5 Thénardier

He has such a cynical view of the world, especially shown in dog eats dog... love it!

Love interpretations of him on stage... notably Alun Armstrong's original. Am playing him at the moment in an amateur production and have grown to really love his material

He is clever, funny, dark and cruel. No other character have this abillity to be hated and lovet at the same time. Unless Jevert

A very interesting character with a very twisted yet interesting point of view and personality. I'm playing him in my HS's production of the "School Edition" and he is at times so much fun (master of the house :) ) and at times a very frightening and demented character. Love Thenardier!

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6 Madame Thénardier
7 Cosette

She should be way higher on the list

I like her personality and her beutey

My favourite character has to be Cosette. Basically the whole story is centred around her. Everyone just likes Éponine better because she ends up being poor at the end so everyone feels bad for her and she has a showy song. She even wants to have Marius killed at the barricade so they could die together. While Éponine is crazy jealous of Cosette, Cosette is the one that is kind even though she was brought up horribly as a child. She has not as many solos but she does have an important part in the plot and is included in quite a few songs. Also, let's not forget that Éponine bullied Cosette when they were younger. Don't get me wrong, I have no hate towards Éponine. I actually really like her as a character and On My Own is a good song, but I just hate how Cosette is so under appreciated. Cosette is definitely my favourite.

8 Javert

He is a man of the lord. He believes himself to be honorable, so when his views are proven wrong, he simply cannot take it. Also known as the Javert complex

Kaveri is a complicated character with a story to tell. I don't think he gets enough respect. He is just doing what he believes is right.


9 Marius

I empathize with him so much. What an absolute dork. Marius deserves all the love in the world.

Best by far.

Why the actual heck is Marius not FIRST!?!? Best character by far. Eat trash Eponine, I love you but Marius deserves first above even Valjean. Also why do people ship him and Eponine? They aren't even friends, hardly acquaintances in the book. Cossete and Marius all the way baby. - SassyEquine

10 Fantine

Fantine--*deep dramatic sigh* I ache for her


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11 Grantaire
12 Bishop

Bit too nice

13 Moiusure Thenardiar
14 Monsieur Mabeuf

Only those who've read the book will know this charming old man, but he won my love as soon as he said that books and plants and more interesting than politics. And when Gavroche stole Monteparnasse's wallet and threw it over M. Mabeuf's wall and the poor man freaked out... I love him.

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