Top Ten Characters Most Likely to Be "A" In Pretty Little Liars


The Top Ten

1 Lucas


2 Paige
3 Toby
4 Byron
5 Alison

This bitch is the cause of everything. It has to be her!

6 One of the PLL's

I think one of the PLL girls are and I think it's aria I mean A stands for aria and she dated Andrew and when aria found out that Andrew was A aria should of knowed that something was going on and one other PLL girl I think is Alison cause she writes her a's just like A and she has black hoodies and so does spencer, Toby, Paige, Caleb, and MONA so they are my people who think are part of the A team

If it's one of the PLL's I think it would be Spencer because she's the smartest. - jacob__78

7 Caleb

Don't know why, just a theory

8 Aria

It would have been so cool if Aria was A. It would've been an epic plot twist...

Of course is Aria. I'm sure she is A. Ok, just stop and think all the clues we have. All the theories and the lies that surround her. She has to be, she must.

9 Maya

Maya is so suspicious, she could be part of the a team

She's dead!?!

10 Somebody the show never mentioned

I mean that would suck so bad - jacob__78

The Contenders

11 Wren Kingston
12 Cece

LOL she was reviled and she is at the bottom of the list!

It IS her

Well... She is... so...

You guys just spoiled it (lol) 😂😂

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13 Ashley
14 Ezra
15 Sydney
16 Melissa Hastings Melissa Hastings
17 Mrs. Grunwald
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