Mega Rants - Beyoncé as Nala in the Lion King Remake

(sigh) Disney recently announced the casting for the “live-action” Lion King. I must admit, they did a pretty good job with the casting. I mean, Seth Rogen as Pumbaa? Genius! But unfortunately, there’s one casting choice that really bothers me. Beyoncé as Nala!

Ugh! I hate when movies do this! I hate when they hire a big named celebrity to play a certain role for no other reason than to just say they have a major celebrity in the movie! This bothered me in Beauty and the Beast when they let Emma Watson be Belle! Watson can’t sing! She’s just an actress! Not a singer! Come to think of it, she can’t even act! But a lot of people know who she is because she was in Harry Potter! So they put her in the movie so they could get more people to see the movie! As for Beyoncé, she is a very talented singer! She has made tons of great music and I’m kind of a fan of her work. The problem is, SHE CAN’T ACT!!! Like, come on! I know all she’s gonna be doing is voice acting, but she can’t even do that! Remember Epic? In that movie, she sounded like she was just reading lines from a paper and not putting any expression into her voice! This was 4 years ago and in that amount of time she might’ve been able to act better, but they still should’ve just hired an actress who can also sing! Disney just wanted to hire a major singer so they can get a larger audience!

I feel like that’s what people are going to care about the most in the film! The fact Beyoncé is in it! Companies hire famous celebrities, not caring about their talents, and do it just to increase profit! At this point, all they care about is money! Why else would movies like Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and the Lion King be remade? Those are all amazing films and still hold up! But because they’re successful, Disney realizes that they can make more money by reusing the same story but in live action and do so by hiring celebrities that everyone is familiar with! I’m still mad that Will Smith is playing the Genie in Aladdin! Are there really no other people they could’ve gotten to play Nala? I’m sure there are a lot of female actresses that would’ve been perfect! People are just gonna look at the poster and say “Hey! Beyoncé’s in the movie! Which means we have to see it!” I hate when people say they’re gonna see a movie just because one celebrity they happen to like is in it! Sometimes companies might know that their movie will be bad! So putting a major celebrity in can guarantee it will make money! Even though an even better way of making money is by making a movie that actually looks good! But this movie is only gonna make money because of Beyoncé and because of nostalgia!

The movie is gonna be terrible! I think it will be the worst remake of all time! They are just desperate! We do not need another cash grab remake! And we DEFINITELY don’t need Beyoncé as Nala!


It angers me in general that Disney is making live action remakes that are super useless. They are mostly cash grabs that people like because of nostalgia (except I thought the Jungle Book was pretty good). I really could care less about these movies! - Phillip873

I did a spit take when I read the title - Eraser

Saw it on Facebook and was surprised to hear that too. I probably won't watch the remake. A lot of the same voice actors are coming back. It made me wonder what's the point in watching it when I can watch the original for free at home? - RoseRedFlower